News • Specific TB scan

PET imaging shows tuberculosis in the body

A new radiotracer enables positron emission tomography (PET) scans to be used for the first time to accurately pinpoint when and where tuberculosis (TB) is still active in a patient’s lungs.


News • CT-Derived Functional Imaging

CTFI: Enabling CT lung diagnosis without contrast

Diagnosing lung conditions such as pulmonary embolism is more challengenging when a patient cannot tolerate contrast agents. Now, a new software solution is addressing the issue.


News • New research on eating habits

Why do smokers gain weight when they quit? Science may have an answer

When people quit smoking, they often put on the pounds instead – but why is that? New research on dietary habits of smokers and non-smokers may provide us with an answer.


News • Reaction to donor organ

Lung transplantation: new findings on life-threatening PLS complication

New research into a life-threatening, but underestimated complication in lung transplants not only provides new insights, but also approaches for early detection and timely treatment.


News • Ciliopathy reseach

Rare lung disease: genetics reveals cause of PCD

Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) is a rare inherited multi-organ condition, which can lead to inflammation of the airways and infections. Now, scientists have found what causes PCD.


News • Generation of alveolar epithelial type I cells

Study furthers understanding of lung regeneration

Researchers present a new method for generating human alveolar epithelial type I cells. This could ultimately progress therapies for people living with pulmonary diseases.

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