News • Genetics research

Chromosomes: How the 'extra X factor' is putting men at risk

Around one in 500 men could be carrying an extra X or Y chromosome – most of them unaware – putting them at increased risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis and thrombosis.


News • Automated adenoma analysis

AI finds more precancerous polyps than traditional colonoscopy

Colonoscopies performed with AI support may yield an increase in the overall rate of detection of adenoma, or cancerous and precancerous polyps, by 27% in average-risk patients, according to new data.


News • Study shows elevated risk

Finding connections between diabetes and heart valve disease

Individuals with diabetes display a substantially increased risk of disease in left-sided heart valves compared to controls without diabetes, a new comprehensive register study shows.


News • Breakthrough with the help of computer-based protein design

Immune diseases: Advancing the development of novel drugs

Latest developments in computational protein design enable the simulation of sequence and structural changes in proteins for creating novel agents in human medicine.


News • Macrophages

Hunting for immune cells that predispose people to severe Covid-19

When a virus makes its way into the body, one of the immune system’s first responders is a set of pathogen-removal cells called macrophages. But they don’t all target viruses in the same way.


News • Minimally invasive cardiology

TAVI: viable alternative to open heart surgery in aortic stenosis

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) is a less invasive procedure that is just as effective as open-heart surgery in treating severe symptomatic aortic stenosis, a new study shows.

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