News • Healtchare devices

Hearing aids could read lips through masks

A new system capable of reading lips with remarkable accuracy even when speakers are wearing face masks could help create a new generation of hearing aids.


News • Biotechnology

Miniature biosensor monitors condition of serious wounds

Researchers at Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust have developed a new biosensor capable of accurately monitoring the condition of a chronic wound.


News • Support for seniors

Sensor-based early detection of age-related diseases from home

Swiss researchers have demonstrated how sensors could help detect health problems in the elderly at an early stage. This could help seniors to live a self-determined life at home for longer.


News • Green revolution

Bacteria could power medical sensors

Engineers have developed a biofilm capable of producing long-term, continuous electricity from an individuals' sweat.


News • Dexterity and motor skills

Robotic sensors could help transform prosthetics

A project to develop advanced sensors for use in robotic systems could transform prosthetics and robotic limbs. It aims to develop sensors which provide enhanced capabilities to robot.


News • Early dementia detection

Protein sensor detects Alzheimer's up to 17 years in advance

A sensor identifies misfolded protein biomarkers in the blood. This offers a chance to detect Alzheimer's disease before any symptoms occur. Researchers intend to bring it to market maturity.

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