Behaviour prediction

The psychology of taking risks

An anxious person will avoid risks whenever possible. This in itself is not exactly a surprise. However, researchers have found a way to visualize this process in the brain - with interesting…

Product of the Month

cellSens 2.1 – More Imaging for Less

Olympus cellSens 2.1 offers improved capabilities for flexible camera and microscope control and enables researchers to create sharp, noise-free images in less time. Helping to drive microscopy…

Technology benefits

Driving regional anaesthesia forward with point-of-care ultrasound

Point-of-care ultrasound is playing an important role in the anaesthesiology department at Spain’s Hospital Clinic of Barcelona. Dr Xavier Sala-Blanch, Senior Doctor and Head of Section in the…

Live long and prosper

Key molecule of aging discovered

Every cell and every organism ages sooner or later. But why is this so? Scientists at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg have now discovered for the first time a protein that represents a central switching point in the aging process. It controls the life span of an individual - from the fly to the human being. This opens up new possibilities for developing therapies against age-related diseases. Oxidative stress causes cells and entire organisms to age. If reactive oxygen species accumulate, this causes damage to the DNA as well as changes in the protein molecules and lipids in the cell. The cell ultimately loses its functionality and dies. Over time, the tissue suffers and the body ages. "The theory of oxidative stress or the accumulation of reactive oxygen species as…

Latest headlines

SonoVue® receives approval in China

Bracco Imaging S.p.A., a global leader in diagnostic imaging, recently announced that its ultrasound contrast agent SonoVue® (sulphur hexafluoride microbubbles) has been the first approved in China for use in ultrasonography of the urinary tract (voiding ultrasonography) for the evaluation of suspected or known vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) in pediatric patients. For more information about SonoVue, visit

New study: Improving the lives of people with dementia

Across the OECD countries, nearly 19 million people are living with dementia.The organisation's newest report presents a comprehensive cross-country assessment of the state of dementia care in OECD countries and advises a set of policies that could help improve diagnosis, strengthen access to care services, improve the quality of care, and support the families and carers of people living with dementia. The study can be assessed on the OECD website.

Launch of Multi-Stakeholder Health Roadmap to support Integrated Care

The Integrated Care Alliance (ICA), of which COCIR is a founding member, has launched its ‘Multi-Stakeholder Digital Health Roadmap’ in support of Integrated Care. The Roadmap is being launched at the 18th International Conference on Integrated Care in Utrecht hosted by the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC). The Roadmap follows up on the ICA’s successful Call to Action ‘United Towards Integrated Care’ launched in the European Parliament in June 2016. Details on the COCIR website.

ESMO emphasises importance of cancer on global health agenda

At the World Health Assembly in Geneva, the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) delivered two statements positioning cancer as a priority on the WHO global agenda. ESMO advocated the strengthening of health systems to achieve Universal Health Coverage and to provide essential secondary healthcare services to the millions of cancer patients who die prematurely due to lack of access to appropriate treatment. More info on the statements can be read on the ESMO website.

Bracco Imaging and Shanghai Pharmaceuticals join forces in ultrasound

Bracco Imaging S.p.A., a global leader in diagnostic imaging, and Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co. Ltd., a leading pharmaceutical group in China - focused on providing innovative drugs in the field of oncology, infectious and cardiovascular diseases - have signed a collaboration agreement on new R&D activities in China. The collaboration is focused on the exploitation of the potentialities of the Bracco microbubbles technology platform, to support the development of innovative Shanghai Pharmaceuticals therapeutic drugs in the oncologic field. Details on the Bracco website.

Robocath demonstrates safety and efficacy of its R-One medical robotic platform

Robocath, a company that designs, develops and commercializes cardiovascular robotic systems for the treatment of vascular diseases, announces today during the EuroPCR congress that its first robotic solution, R-OneTM, met all its primary efficacy and safety endpoints in the first pre-clinical study. Details about the pre-clinical study can be found at the Robocath website.

Hand in hand

Why being left-handed matters for mental health treatment

Being left-handed apparently means a lot more than gripping things differently than most, researchers find. This sheds a new light on mental health treatment, because current therapies for the most…

Faster diagnosis, reduced cost

The impact of whole genome sequencing on newborn babys in ICU

Early whole genome sequencing might bring hope for children who are born severely ill or who develop serious illness in the first few weeks of their life. Because these children are often difficult…

Prostate cancer

Liquid biopsy predicts therapy beneficiaries

Two blood tests can predict which subset of men with advanced prostate cancer will likely not benefit from anti-androgen therapies, providing doctors and patient added clarity on treatment options,…


Blood test can predict premature birth

Measuring RNA fragments in a pregnant woman’s blood gives a reliable estimate of the baby’s due date and can predict if the baby will arrive prematurely, a Stanford-led team has shown.


UK urgently needs a joined up approach to recruitment of international doctors

The UK urgently needs a joined up and strategic approach to the recruitment of international health professionals, argue experts in The BMJ.

Sepsis treatment

Bedside testing can prevent antibiotic-induced hearing loss in new-borns

More than a million neonatal deaths worldwide each year are estimated to be due to sepsis. In the UK there are approximately 90,000 admissions to neonatal intensive care units per year. Nearly all…


Concerning fall in UK radiology equipment spend

The overall UK radiology equipment market spend for the six months to the end of March 2018 is down by around 30% compared to the same period in the previous year. This is according to latest figures…


A 'super' receptor that helps kill HIV infected cells

While treatments for HIV mean that the disease is no longer largely fatal, the world still lacks a true therapy that can eradicate the virus across a globally—and genetically different—population.

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Bruker Daltonics - MBT smart

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Unique patient offers insights into the brain's quest to see

When light streams through her window in just the right way, Milena Canning will sometimes stoop to pick up a shiny coin she has noticed on the wooden floor of her Glasgow-area home. But her hand…


Breaking through a tumor's defenses

Babraham Institute researchers have shown that some tumours use not one but two levels of protection against the immune system. Knocking out one level boosted the protective effects of the second and…


Waves move across the human brain to support memory

Biomedical engineers at Columbia Engineering have discovered a new fundamental feature of brain oscillations: they actually move rhythmically across the brain, reflecting patterns of neuronal…


Endocrine Society calls for revising strategy to protect public health

The Endocrine Society expressed continued concerns today that the European Union’s (EU’s) criteria for regulating endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in pesticides and biocides do not go far…

When the phosphate decides...

Defense against viruses or autoimmune disorder?

The first defense line of the body against virus infections is composed of so-called restriction factors. SAMHD1, one of such restriction factors, does not only play a role in the defense against…


Maps made of nerve cells

Dr. Thomas Hainmüller and Prof. Dr. Marlene Bartos of the Institute of Physiology of the University of Freiburg have established a new model to explain how the brain stores memories of tangible…

Gas embolotherapy

Blowing bubbles for cancer treatment

Recently, scientists have explored another version of embolization, called gas embolotherapy. During this process, the blood supply is cut off using acoustic droplet vaporization (ADV), which uses…

Deadly brain cancer

Personalized cancer vaccine may increase long-term survival

An international Phase 3 study has found that a personalized glioblastoma vaccine may increase long-term survival in some patients.


SCIEX mass spectrometry platforms get new algorithms

SCIEX announced a new release of its LC and mass spectrometry operating system, SCIEX OS software, which provides new tools for full regulatory compliance and updated calculation algorithms that…

Breast cancer patients

Study confirms: Scalp Cooler prevents alopecia

‘Scalp cooling successfully prevents alopecia in breast cancer patients
undergoing anthracycline or taxane-based chemotherapy’, according to the latest clinical data published in The…


Advanced autosampler and liquid handling system improves lab productivity

Laboratories can now automate manual steps and achieve high sample throughput and high productivity with a new autosampler and liquid handling system intended for use in pharmaceutical, contract…

Surgical implant for damaged eyes

FDA approves first artificial iris

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first stand-alone prosthetic iris in the United States, a surgically implanted device to treat adults and children whose iris is completely missing…