News • Integration into medical decision-making

AI adept at answering medical questions – but fails to explain how

AI models perform increasingly well in answering medical questions. However, when it comes to explaining these answers, shortcomings become apparent, a new study shows.


Sponsored • Diagnostic imaging in Rome

Brand-new nuclear medicine department equipped with advanced Total-Body PET/CT system

The new Nuclear Medicine Department of the San Pietro Fatebenefratelli Hospital was inaugurated in Rome. The Department was inaugurated with the online intervention of Health Minister Orazio Schillaci and in the presence of Maria Tripodi (Undersecretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation), Antonello Aurigemma (President of Lazio Regional Council).


News • Science fiction concept

Minimizing biopsy trauma with a tractor beam

Tractor beams are making the jump from science fiction to reality: Researchers are developing rays of light that can pull particles toward it, to minimize the trauma caused by current biopsy methods.


News • Hydrogel solution

Breakthrough in fridge-free storage of medicines

Many medicines require cold storage, which is a challenge for infrastructure and sustainability. Now, researchers designed a hydrogel protecting therapeutics at temperatures as high as 50°C.


News • Successful treatment of congenital heart disease

First “Double-decker” surgery for scimitar syndrome

Surgeons have performed an unprecedented procedure on a two-year-old child diagnosed with scimitar syndrome. This marks the world’s first successful application of the “Double-decker Technique”.


Article • Delivering more efficient healthcare

How teleoperation is changing radiology

As opportunities for teleoperations rapidly expand within radiology, the concept is being deployed across an array of modalities to deliver more efficient healthcare. A range of speakers covered the topic of ‘Teleoperations in radiology’ at ECR2024, discussing its benefits in applications in MRI, ultrasound, during the social restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic and military use. However, challenges remained: radiographers and radiologists were initially slow to accept and adopt the concept, there were cost and technical obstacles, and concerns over a loss of direct contact with patients.



Article • Research, diagnostics, therapies

Focus on Cardiology

Arrhythmias, valve defects, heart attacks: Cardiologists face a wide range of disorders and diseases. Equally diverse are diagnostics and therapeutic options. Find out what the field has to offer.


Article • Clinical pathology

Focus on mass spectrometry

Mass spectrometry is pushing the boundaries of clinical pathology. Keep up-to-date with the latest research news, developments, and background information on the technique.


Article • Focus topic

Robotics in healthcare

From science-fiction to powerful medical tool: Robots perform an increasing number of valuable tasks in healthcare settings. From surgical robotics to applications in patient care – medical robots…

Diagnostic imaging

Radiology, sonography and beyond: Keep reading to find out how imaging techniques like MRI, CT and ultrasound can be used in the diagnosis of diseases and the guidance of medical procedures.


News • OCT and IR-SLO imaging

Eye scans for early detection of Multiple Sclerosis

Doctors may soon have a new, high-tech way to diagnose Multiple Sclerosis using special eye scans. This could make it easier and faster for people to find out if they have MS.


News • Finding fibrosis

Hyperpolarized MRI improves early detection of kidney diseases

Using an advanced scanner, researchers have developed a technology that can detect the earliest changes in the kidney when scar tissue begins to form.


News • Imaging system in the 6G and AI era

Moving MRI to the cloud

The huge amount of data generated by modern MRI scanners presents challenges in storage, accessibility, and security. To that end, Chinese researchers have developed a cloud MRI system.

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From clinical chemistry to digital pathology: Read more about how modern medical laboratories and procedures in pathology play a vital role in the detection and prevention of diseases and in medical research.


News • Tailored chatbot

Customized ChatGPT to advance digital pathology

New research shows that the AI large language model ChatGPT can be tailored to provide accurate responses to questions about digital pathology and compile detailed results.


News • Tumour infiltrating lymphocyte measurement

Breast cancer: AI tool predicts which DCIS cases become invasive

Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) often develop into more invasive forms of breast cancer. To predict which DCIS patients are likely to be affected, researchers have developed an analytic AI-based tool.


News • HPV oncoprotein quantification

Urine test improves cervical cancer early detection

A new test shows promise in making cervical cancer screening more accessible and less invasive by detecting oncoproteins of the human papillomavirus (HPV) in urine samples.

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Medical innovations are rapidly expanding therapy options for many diseases. Keep reading to find more information on new therapies, surgical techniques, effective medication and patient care.


News • Total mesometrial resection (TMMR)

Cervical cancer: New surgical method brings benefits

A surgical technique called total mesometrial resection (TMMR) is associated with better outcomes than current treatments. A new study shows a significantly lower risk of disease recurrence and death.


News • Taxane-induced peripheral neuropathy

New tool predicts nerve damage after breast cancer chemotherapy

Researchers have developed a tool that can predict the risk level for side effects in the nervous system of women treated for breast cancer using taxanes. This could help adapt treatment.


News • Vascular and Neurosurgery

New procedure to prevent phantom pain after limb amputation

6 out of 10 people develop pain after a limb amputation. Researchers now investigate whether a preventive, relatively simple nerve surgery can prevent patients from experiencing this pain.


Time to bring out the white collars: Read more about the economy and politics of health as well as optimised hospital and patient management.


Article • Medical Taiwan Health & Care Expo

Record attendance for medical solutions from Taiwan

As demand for innovative healthcare solutions is at an all-time high, Medical Taiwan once again attracted a record number of visitors for its 2024 edition. The show’s organizer, the Taiwan External…


Article • Institutional setup guide at SNMMI 2024

How to establish a hospital theranostics treatment centre

The nuclear medicine global market is projected to see a significant increase in the coming years, with the lion's share being attributed to radiotherapeutics. So, how to set up a dedicated…


News • Future Health Index 2024 global report

Healthcare leaders turn to AI to address critical care gaps

Staff shortage, financial burdens, and growing demand for care are major challenges for healthcare institutions. The latest Future Health Index report indicates that AI is seen as a key solution.


From AI-based image analysis to virtual therapies: Find out how digitalisation and cutting-edge IT solutions advance the medical landscape.


News • Electronic prompt in the EHR

‘Nudging’ surgeons away from breast cancer overtreatment

Sentinel lymph node biopsies can help detect breast cancer – but not every patient benefits from the procedure. New research finds that a simple EHR prompt can prevent unnecessary surgery.


News • New technology approach

‘Personalised’ hip replacements to improve outcomes

Using advanced technology from the automotive and manufacturing industries, researchers are driving medical advancement to create ‘personalised’ hip replacements.


News • Cardiac imaging analysis

AI greatly speeds up heart chamber segmentation from MRI scans

From 45 minutes to just a few seconds: A new computer model utilises AI to examine cardiac MRI scans in the four-chamber plane, potentially offering speedy and dependable heart health evaluation.


When scientific curiosity paves the way for improved healthcare: Read more about promising studies and trials that lead to more effective drugs, procedures as well as medical guidelines.


News • Focus on ferroptosis

Major step towards a treatment for metastasis

Researchers have discovered an Achilles heel of migratory metastatic cells: They now investigate how the cell death mechanism ferroptosis can be utilized for future cancer treatments.


News • Immunology

“One and done”: promise for a universal influenza vaccine

New research reveals a promising approach to developing a universal influenza vaccine that confers lifetime immunity against an evolving virus considered most likely to trigger the next pandemic.


News • Public survey on medical conditions

Cancer seen as #1 health concern, AI as solution

Cancer, dementia, heart attack: these are the medical conditions people are most worried about, according to a new UK survey. It also reveals hopes for AI in the future of cancer research and care. (HiE) - Your guide to world of medical technology in Europe

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