News • OCT and IR-SLO imaging

Eye scans for early detection of Multiple Sclerosis

Doctors may soon have a new, high-tech way to diagnose Multiple Sclerosis using special eye scans. This could make it easier and faster for people to find out if they have MS.


Article • Delivering more efficient healthcare

How teleoperation is changing radiology

As opportunities for teleoperations rapidly expand within radiology, the concept is being deployed across an array of modalities to deliver more efficient healthcare. A range of speakers covered the…


News • Cardiac imaging analysis

AI greatly speeds up heart chamber segmentation from MRI scans

From 45 minutes to just a few seconds: A new computer model utilises AI to examine cardiac MRI scans in the four-chamber plane, potentially offering speedy and dependable heart health evaluation.


News • Imaging system in the 6G and AI era

Moving MRI to the cloud

The huge amount of data generated by modern MRI scanners presents challenges in storage, accessibility, and security. To that end, Chinese researchers have developed a cloud MRI system.


Sponsored • Diagnostic imaging in Rome

Brand-new nuclear medicine department equipped with advanced Total-Body PET/CT system

The new Nuclear Medicine Department of the San Pietro Fatebenefratelli Hospital was inaugurated in Rome. The Department was inaugurated with the online intervention of Health Minister Orazio…


News • Specific TB scan

PET imaging shows tuberculosis in the body

A new radiotracer enables positron emission tomography (PET) scans to be used for the first time to accurately pinpoint when and where tuberculosis (TB) is still active in a patient’s lungs.


News • Low field imaging

0.05 Tesla MRI: When less is more

A whole-body MRI scanner with a compact 0.05 Tesla permanent magnet has been developed that operates on a standard wall power outlet without radiofrequency or magnetic shielding cages.


Sponsored • Magnetic resonance imaging

State-of-the-art MRI introduced in southern Italy

Medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment company United Imaging are delighted to extend a warm welcome to Cobellis Clinic, the latest treatment centre to join their global family of clients. With an unwavering commitment to providing the highest level of healthcare services, the clinic has made a strategic decision to rely on the manufacturer's state-of-the-art imaging technology.


Video • Imaging of speech disorder

MRI shows stuttering in real-time

What happens in the internal speech muscles when people are stuttering? Researchers now showed the mechanical aspects using real-time MRI. This could lead to better treatments of speech disorders.

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