Immune system


News • T-cell activator shows promise

"CoVac-1": Coronavirus protection for immunocompromised patients

Patients with immunodeficiency cannot benefit from conventional Covid-19 vaccines and still at risk from infection. A promising new approach now brings hope for this patient group.


News • Infection in vaccinated patients

How coronavirus variant Omicron BA.1 remodels immune memory

Researchers in France identified changes to the immune memory after infection with the Omicron BA.1 variant in thrice-vaccinated patients. The remodeling actually works to the patients' benefit.


News • Blood cancer research

Covid-19 booster vaccine strengthens immunity in lymphoma patients

Research by the University of Southampton has shown that repeated Covid-19 vaccination increases the ability of lymphoma patients to prevent infection from the virus, particularly after four doses.


News • Astrocyte research

New insight into how cancer metastasizes to the brain

A new US-led study shows that astrocyte brain cells play an important role in promoting brain metastasis by recruiting a specific subpopulation of immune cells.


News • Mysterious mechanism solved

Researchers discover how bowel cancer 'blinds' the immune system

A mystery which has stumped bowel cancer researchers for decades, has been solved by scientists at the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute and University of Glasgow.


Article • Cancer patients at risk

Blood test detects risk of neurotoxicity from CAR T-cell therapy

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy is an immunotherapy treatment that re-engineers a patient’s own T-cells to help them attack malignant tumour cells. It has been very effective in the…

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