News • Heart failure

Atrial fibrillation after surgery increases risk of hospitalization

People who develop an abnormal heart rhythm after surgery have an increased risk of subsequently being admitted to hospital with heart failure, according to a study of over 3 million patients.


News • Ophtalmology

A healthy eye with AI analysis

Using deep learning, researchers created AI-driven computer models to analyze corneal and retinal images to help eye doctors in the future.


News • Medical equipment

Low-tech: just what the surgeon ordered

Medical equipment that can be manufactured at low cost, is simple to use and can be easily maintained will help extend surgery to the 5 billion people worldwide who currently cannot get access to it.


Sponsored • User report

Robotic assistance brings benefits for paediatric patients

Robot-assisted surgery has seen marked advances in the past years and thus become a viable tool for more interventions. For example, the challenging field of paediatric surgery can benefit greatly…


Video • Bowel cancer removal

Sustainability: UK surgeons perform first ‘net zero’ operation

Surgeons completed the first documented ‘net zero’ operation in the NHS, combining evidence-based approaches and documents using a carbon output calculator developed specifically for this task.


News • World premiere

A liver was treated in a machine and successfully transplanted

The research team Liver4Life has treated an originally damaged human liver in a machine for three days outside a body and then implanted the recovered organ into a cancer patient.

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