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VitalScientific · Selectra Mach5

Dimensions: 1050 × 650 × 700 mm (w × h × d) 

Weight: 110 kg 

Sample throughput: 250-500 tests/hour (workflow dependent) 

Assays: Selectra Reagents Line; Anaemia, Cardiac, Diabetes, General Chemistry, Specific Proteins, Special Chemistry 


  • Economical fully automated benchtop solution 
  • Efficiency through consolidation of routine and special testing 
  • Up to 65 barcode readable reagent positions 
  • Accessible sample area with 85 primary tube sampling positions; 65 barcode readable
  • Sustainability through optimized water consumption, LED-based photometric cartridges and reusable cuvette rotor 
  • Broad reagent menu and state-of-the-art analytical quality with Selectra Reagents


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6956 AV Spankeren

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