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Integrated diagnostics

Joining radiology and pathology solutions

Medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra has received an order for its digital pathology solution from Amsterdam UMC in the Netherlands. This follows a recently announced radiology imaging…


Norwegian healthcare region

Digital pathology added to existing enterprise imaging solution

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra has signed a digital pathology contract with the Norwegian healthcare region Helse Vest RHF. The healthcare region already uses…


Digitizing workflows

Dutch hospital expands imaging solution to include digital pathology

Medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra has signed a digital pathology contract with the Dutch hospital Zuyderland MC. A digital pathology workflow makes it possible to access and share…


New technology in healthcare

Sectra launches vendor-neutral integration for machine learning applications

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra is launching vendor-neutral access to machine learning in its enterprise imaging platform. Sectra customers will be able to utilize…


IT security

What keeps a hospital’s immune system healthy?

‘You can’t get 100 percent security, you can’t avoid all risks – but you can improve security tremendously just by considering some rules,’ explains Torbjörn Kronander, Board member, CEO…



Sectra to implement unique nationwide telepathology solution in the Netherlands

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra (STO: SECT B) has signed a contract with the organization Pathology Projects (SPP) in the Netherlands to offer all 50 pathology labs…


Digital Pathology

Sectra and Visiopharm enter cooperation for open systems

International medical imaging IT company Sectra and digital pathology company Visiopharm A/S have reached agreement on an open exchange of pathology images between their respective digital pathology…



Sectra and Swedish care provider offer osteoporosis assessment to all

Starting immediately, Sectra and private care provider Unilabs will offer preventive bone health testing for individuals with risk factors for osteoporosis, thereby enabling measures to be taken to…


Cancer care

Swedish healthcare region invests in digital pathology from Sectra

The Swedish healthcare Region Östergötland is making a full commitment to digital pathology by investing in a solution from Sectra for storage, review and sharing of digital pathology images. The…


Digital Pathology

Dutch university hospital pioneer in digital pathology with solution from Sectra

University Hospital Utrecht (UMCU) in the Netherlands has invested in a solution from Sectra for storing, viewing and sharing digital pathology images. The solution enables pathologists to review…


Sponsored • Digital Pathology

Take the next step in Digital Pathology

Digitizing pathology is not just a transformation of technology, the major change and benefits lies in the change to a more efficient workflow – enabled by the new technology.


Sponsored • Testing Bones

Osteoporosis risk assessments with DXR

Women over the age of 50 are not only at higher risk of developing breast cancer but also osteoporosis. Would it not be practical to use the same method to detect both diseases early on? Definitely,…

IHE Connectathon 2015

Sectra tests display of breast tomo images

At the recent North American IHE Connectathon in Cleveland, Sectra (STO: SECT B) successfully completed testing of the IHE profiles MAMMO and DBT (Digital Breast Tomosynthesis). The testing was done…


Sectra brings PACS power to pathology

"I can count on my fingers the number of pathologists who work full digitally," said Elin Kindberg who is leading the development of a pathology PACS for Sectra Imaging IT Solutions.…


Healthcare IT must adopt top security

Hospitals across Europe need to take further steps to better protect the sensitive data stored on their healthcare IT systems. With eavesdropping into secure systems brought sharply into focus as a…


Philips and Sectra renew PACS support agreement

Royal Philips Electronics and Sectra today announced an agreement to extend the term of their existing PACS support partnership agreement. This agreement allows Philips to provide continued support…


Swedish university invests in virtual medical technology

In its bid to offer the most modern medicine program in Sweden, Örebro University has invested in three visualization tables from Sectra.


Sectra DoseTrack offers proven solution to reduce patient radiation exposure

The number of radiology examinations is not only increasing, they are becoming more complex driving up the exposure of patients to radiation. At RSNA 2012 Sectra introduced a well-tested solution for…


Sectra highlights the latest developments

At ECR 2012, Sectra will highlight the latest development within its product suites with the main focus on how radiology can increase their service to referring physicians thereby becoming number one…


Sectra and Philips complete modality transaction

Sectra has completed a mammography-modality deal with Royal Philips Electronics. Philips will pay EUR 57.5 million in a cash-on-cash and debt-free basis and take over the acquired modality operation…


Sectra and Philips sign mammography acquisition deal

Sectra and Royal Philips Electronics have signed an agreement under which Philips will acquire Sectra’s mammography modality operations. The cash purchase consideration amounts to EUR 57.5 million…


Single shot spectral mammography

No imaging modality is infallible -- not even mammography, the golden standard for early detection of breast cancer. Particularly in women with dense breast tissue, the diagnostic quality of…


Sectra - Confident and able to count on its photon counting technology

SECure TRAnsmission, the main aim of a spin-off from the Linköping Institute of Technology, was established in 1978. From this beginning, the Swedish firm Sectra has evolved into one of the…


A survey of dose levels in mammography in Swedish clinical practice

Breast cancer screening programmes are helping to reduce the mortality rates of women by finding cancer in its early stages when it is easier to treat. Sweden was one of the first countries in the…

MicroDose Mammography receives product quality leadership award

Sectra has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan for its unique photon counting mammography system, Sectra MicroDose, with the Product Quality Leadership, Women's Health Imaging Europe 2010 award.


Unique visualization table for diagnostic imaging and emergency care

At RSNA 2010, Sectra launched the Sectra Visualization Table. This unique solution for collaborative work improves decision making efficiency in acute care, allowing physicians to efficiently set the…


Microdose Mammography for screening programm in Australia

The Swedish IT and medical-technology company Sectra has been awarded a contract to install four MicroDose Mammography units for use in Victoria. The Sectra MicroDose units offer improved or…


Image Central for multi-discipline image management

Sectra launched a solution for efficient management of all medical imaging across departments throughout the entire enterprise, from radiology to the hospital photographer.

Sectra launches solution for multi-discipline clinical image management

Today Sectra announces the launch of a solution for efficient management of all medical imaging across departments throughout the entire enterprise, from radiology to the hospital photographer.


Sectra’s cross-enterprise products roll out at ECR

Sectra’s RIS/PACS enables workload sharing across multiple sites as well as handling of very large image stacks over strained networks. At this year’s ECR, the company is showing a range of…

Sectra to show latest advancements in wide area radiology

At ECR 2010 in Vienna, Sectra focus on solutions for increased productivity. Sectra RIS/PACS is a performance solution for wide area radiology. Built on the latest Sectra RapidConnectTM technology,…


Sectra launches next-generation mammography workstation

At RSNA 2009, Sectra launches a new breast imaging PACS workstation built on Sectra RapidConnect technology. With this next-generation mammography workstation, Sectra focuses on customer productivity…

Sweden in Chicago

At RSNA 2009 in Chicago, Sectra focus on solutions for increased productivity. Sectra RIS/PACS is a performance solution for wide area radiology. Built on the Sectra RapidConnect technology it…

PACS reloaded: Rapid Connect brings data up-to-date

The future of radiology is fast approaching -- with big steps. In some places it has already arrived, its appearance notable for the increased decentralisation of work, increase in the number of…

Vital Images and Sectra expand partnership

Vital Images, a leading provider of advanced visualization and analysis software, and Sectra, one of the world-leading IT and medical-technology companies, deepened their relationship by expanding…


Sectra focusing on customer productivity

The Swedish IT and medical-technology company Sectra, announces the launch of Sectra PACS release 12.1 with RapidConnect technology. The launch marks the start of the third phase in the rollout of…


Major US healthcare group selects Sectra RIS

Shields Health Care Group, New England's premiere independent provider of radiology imaging services, has chosen the Swedish IT and medical-technology company Sectra as their Radiology Information…


Dutch Deal for Sectra

VUmc University Hospital of Amsterdam, which performs approximately 150,000 radiology examinations per year, is yet another renowned hospital to choose Sectra's radiology IT solution for handling of…


Sectra enters the Greek market

The Swedish IT and medical-technology company Sectra has signed a distribution agreement with the Greek company Proton S.A., a provider of medical imaging and security systems based in Athens.


Mammography: What really counts?

The fact that the female breast is one of the most radiation sensitive organs in the human body is a major driver for all those searching for low radiation alternatives - one of these routes lies in…

2008 Medical Design Excellence Award

The Medical Design Excellence Awards competition is organised and presented by Canon Communications LLC (Los Angeles) and is the only awards programme that exclusively recognizes contributions and…

Radiologists are set to gain new control of images

CMIV has a new patent-pending technology that is set to radically change the way and speed at which radiologists work. The system could produce earlier diagnoses of certain disease, according to…


Sectra launches a new PACS system

Sectra's wide portfolio on show at the ECR this year includes a new PACS workstation, a photon-counting MicroDose Mammography system, pre-operative solutions for orthopaedic surgery and the company's…


Improved and faster analysis of MR images

Thanks to a new software, MR images from a five-minute scan may generate the images for a complete and comprehensive examination and therefore eliminating the need to perform multiple scans. The…

Faster MR

Sweden — Sectra, which develops IT systems and products for radiology, mammography and orthopaedic surgery, has announced an agreement with Swedish research firm Synthetic MR AB, developer of…


New technology accelerates diagnosis

Radiologist Dr Christoph Seifried, and colleagues at Altötting hospital, are among the first to use the new Sectra workstation IDS7/rx.

Sectra increases range of integrated third-party clinical applications

Swedish IT and medical-technology company Sectra has signed an agreement with Vital Images under which Sectra will be able to integrate Vital Images' Vitrea software as part of Sectra PACS (picture…


Edo Med becomes distributor of Sectra medical systems in Poland

Sectra recently found a new distribution partner for it's PACS systems in Poland: Edo Med Sp.z o.o., a well established company throughout the radiology and oncoloy market. With this step Sectra…


Tomorrow's imaging on today's horizon

"Tomosynthesis is a hot topic in all the companies involved in mammography", Professor Danielsson pointed out. "But whereas they are developing more or less the same thing, Sectra has…


Sectra will lead EU research-project to decrease mortality in breast cancer

The Swedish IT and medical-technology company Sectra, together with clinical and industrial partners from six European countries, has been awarded EUR 3.6 million from the European Union to combat…


Only a fraction of mammography systems are digital

A report by Keith Halson, our correspondent in France.


World's lowest radiation doses

The Swedish firm Sectra reports that its digital MicroDose Mammography system reduces radiation by 80%, compared with traditional film-based systems, and that its completely new detection technology…

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