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At RSNA 2009 in Chicago, Sectra focus on solutions for increased productivity. Sectra RIS/PACS is a performance solution for wide area radiology. Built on the Sectra RapidConnect technology it enables efficient workload sharing across multiple sites, even for large image stacks over strained networks. This way, Sectra RIS/PACS provides the opportunity to cope with ever-expanding challenges such as increased financial pressure, shortage of resources as well as increasing data volumes.

Taking wide area radiology one step further
At RSNA 2009, Sectra highlights product news that further strengthens Sectra’s cross-enterprise capabilities within radiology and mammography:

• Launch of new diagnostic mammography workstation
Sectra now provides a mammography reading platform based on its new RapidConnect technology. This enables true remote reading and distributed collaboration also within mammography.
• Improved volume visualization functionality
Sectra focuses on communication and makes easy visualization available for everyone. Fully integrated into the PACS workstation and designed to increase review efficiency and result communication to the referring physicians in a quick and easy way.
• Sectra RIS with focus on productivity
With embedded tool and functionality, Sectra RIS continues to drive radiologist productivity to the next level. By delivering a single desktop reporting environment and the ability to monitor critical tasks and events in real-time, radiologists can manage patient data and daily workflow across the enterprise, from wherever they want, while significantly increasing efficiency.

Further improvements to Sectra MicroDose for increased productivity
Sectra will also showcase its digital mammography solution, Sectra MicroDose Mammography[1], featuring further enhanced performance for high-volume screening. Sectra customers perform as many as 15 four-image examinations per hour. And with the fastest detector in the market, the system allows for an even higher productivity if needed. Designed with screening environments in mind, Sectra MicroDose Mammography maximizes image quality and increases throughput at 50% of the radiation dose compared to other systems. Sectra MicroDose is the only system on the market using unique photon counting technology- by many considered to be the future of radiology.

Sectra will also demonstrate a totally integrated solution for mammography screening, including Sectra Screening RIS and Sectra Breast Imaging PACS, both designed to efficiently streamline the mammography workflow.

Welcome to our booth at RSNA in Chicago! You will find us in Hall B, Booth 9124.


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