Digital Pathology

Take the next step in Digital Pathology

Digitizing pathology is not just a transformation of technology, the major change and benefits lies in the change to a more efficient workflow – enabled by the new technology.

Photo: Take the next step in Digital Pathology
Photo: Take the next step in Digital Pathology

The aim of digitizing is to use the pathologist's time more efficiently by allowing him or her to perform advanced diagnostic work while the computer per¨forms time-consuming tasks that require data pro¨cessing, such as cell counting or organizing samples. Sectra provides a complete solution developed in close cooperation with leading practitioners to bring pathology into the digital age. With 20 years' experience in the medical IT field – and having been a pioneer in the digitization of radiology – we are ready to support pathology in its journey from analog to digital.

Full case overview and rapid review

Sectra provides a solution with a full case overview including integration with other image systems, enabling access to for example radiology or dermatology data and images in the same workstation. Information Lifecycle Management supports pathologists in efficient use of data storage – providing a type of intelligence not available in an isolated workstation.

The Sectra's high-end review workstation provides pathologists with the right environment to perform their work in a unified digital system and to reduce their pain-points associated with time consuming and labor intensive manual workflow. Digital review facilitates the interpretation of a section by allowing pathologists to view several images side-by-side – sections with different staining techniques, for example. Current images can also be compared with stored images from the same patient without any need to fetch the physical samples. Furthermore, digital review permits the pathologist to interact with the image through tools such as measuring areas and distances and making annotations, further facilitating diagnostics.

Efficient image sharing

Sectra's digital pathology solutions are designed to allow seamless sharing of digital slides and patient data in multi-hospital environments. Borderless workflows are supported by the ability to set up worklists to cover one or several units in a single, consolidated view. Image display is instant – regardless of where the pathologist is located, including off-site. This means pathologists can access cases throughout the enterprise – at any time and location in the network – thus providing digital images for the members of the tumor conference.


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