Unique visualization table for diagnostic imaging and emergency care

At RSNA 2010, Sectra launched the Sectra Visualization Table. This unique solution for collaborative work improves decision making efficiency in acute care, allowing physicians to efficiently set the care strategy in multi-trauma cases. It also serves as a platform for medical education, clinical conferences and virtual autopsies.

Photo: Unique visualization table for diagnostic imaging and emergency care

With Sectra Visualization Table, a 46-inch medical multi-touch display, multiple users can interact collaboratively with the real-size 3D images generated by CT and MRI scanners to gain deeper understanding and insight into the functions and processes inside the body. They can, for example, visualize different kinds of tissues and cut through sections with a virtual knife.
The visualization table is powered by a tailored Sectra PACS workstation. Sectra’s patented visualization techniques allow immediate display even of datasets of extreme size, such as high-resolution, full-body scans.
“This is an example of how our close cooperation with research centers allows us to apply the latest technology available in solutions that facilitate daily work for our customers,” says Torbjörn Kronander, President of Sectra Imtec AB. “We have a strong focus on customer value, and the technology should not be there just because it is possible, it should help to increase efficiency and quality in patient care at every step.”
Another area of application is virtual autopsies, in which the need for surgical procedures is reduced and saves time.
Sectra Visualization Table has been developed in cooperation with the University of Linköping, Sweden, the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV), Norrköping Visualization Center C, and The Interactive Institute.
View a short video at www.sectra.com/table


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