News • Meta-analysis challenges theory

Do depression and anxiety increase cancer risk? Not likely, says study

One less thing to worry about: Mental health isues such as depression and anxiety are not linked to higher risks for most types of cancer, according to a new analysis of multiple studies.


News • Blueprint for use in psychotherapy

AI and mental health care: Combatting the gold rush-mentality

While it’s true that AI holds tremendous potential for improving the science and practice of psychotherapy, it remains a definitively high-stakes area. Stanford experts define the potential…


News • The "Rx" factor

GP burnout linked to higher opioid and antibiotic prescribing

When in doubt, write a prescription? New research links burnout in GPs to higher antibiotic and strong opioid prescribing, especially in more deprived areas of the North of England.


News • Long-term anxiety

Cardiac arrest 'haunts' women more often than men

More than 40% of women report anxiety four months after a cardiac arrest compared with 23% of men, according to research presented at ESC Acute CardioVascular Care 2023.


News • Access to medical information

Bad news from test results? Patients still want to know right away

A recent survey of more than 8,000 patients found that users overwhelmingly supported receiving their test results immediately, even if their provider had not yet reviewed them.


News • Temporal anomalies? Not quite

Our heartbeat can distort our perception of time

Do you feel like time sometimes flies, or can drag on when you're bored? A recent study by academics at Royal Holloway shows how our heartbeats can lead to distortions in our perception of time.

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