LED colour displays for diagnostic use

The Japanese Display vendor Totoku has extended its i2 line-up with a two and three megapixel display. ‘The CCL258i2 and CCL358i2 are high brightness colour displays with a very high contrast ratio,’ the firm explains. ‘That’s why both can be used for primary diagnosis or critical applications like thorax exams.


Medical displays

Considering ambient lighting conditions, quality assurance of medical displays requires new standards. As a result of the development in medical imaging over the past 20 years, digital medical imaging has replaced the conventional film imaging in most hospitals.


New modular roll stands on show

Physicians and nurses need flexible solutions to monitor and administer patient data, and the devices they seek must be ergonomically designed, easy to clean and made of high-quality materials, CIM med, specialist in carrier arms, points out.


Multi-modality HD imaging systems improve visual guidance for minimally invasive surgery

To modernise the surgical display equipment at Belgium’s foremost university hospitals, NDS Surgical Imaging (NDSsi) has installed Radiance HD surgical displays in the operating theatres and the gastroenterology department. Easy to implement and offering reliable and consistent colour quality, the multi-modality imaging systems addresses the needs of UZ Leuven’s surgeons, clinicians, imaging…

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