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Conferences demand large size and high-res

NEC Display Solutions Europe reports that it manufactures a large range of display products, such as medical displays, large format displays or projectors as well as desktop versions, to provide cross-departmental integration to a common standard. This means catering for multidisciplinary team meetings, tumour board and trainings.

Efficient communication and discussion between patients and cooperating physicians is crucial for success. ‘Modern medicine is team work,’ explains Dr. Thomas Egelhof, head of Radiology in the Merian Iselin Klinik für Orthopädie und Chirurgie Basel, Switzerland. ‘It works best, if you can assess and discuss examination results with the doctors and patients involved. For this purpose, the image display must be so precise that, from the different viewing angles and distances in the meeting room, good conditions are found to carry out and obtain an in depth analysis.’

The state of the art UHD medical conference room solutions offer a 1:1 resolution clone from an 8MP diagnostic display onto an UHD (3840 x 2160) large format DICOM display, the company adds. ‘The NEC XUHD series is available in display sizes ranging from 65’’ to 98’’ to meet any size of conference room and viewing distance. The X841UHD-2 diagonal dimensions of more than two metres allow several images to be shown alongside each other for direct comparison.

‘The sheer size permits groups of up to 10 people to gather in front of the screen with unrestricted views. Thanks to the high display brightness, images remain stable regardless of the ambient room lighting. While in operation, the monitor does not emit any audible sound; therefore concentration is not impaired, even in larger groups, or sensitive meeting situations. The NEC XUHD series delivers unequalled medical image quality combining reliable 10-bit colour reproduction with a high luminance and contrast ratio. A semi-matt surface restricts the effect of reflections on the screen.

The Merian Iselin Hopsital for Orthopedics and Surgery has a reputation for...
The Merian Iselin Hopsital for Orthopedics and Surgery has a reputation for highest quality standards and the use of advanced technology.

‘The internally programmed DICOM GSDF curve optimises the display to human visual performance in compliance with the DICOM Part 14 standard, drastically improving the accuracy at which images can be reviewed,’ the firm continues. ‘The NEC Professional large format displays can be DICOM calibrated with NEC GammaCompMD QA client software and an external MDSVsensor3. The LED backlit S-IPS (LCD) panel technology eliminates colour shift regardless of the viewing angle, which could be an issue for horizontally positioned conference rooms around a commercial PVA (LCD) panel technology large format display.

‘The replacement of projector lamps is eliminated reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the solution. Thanks to the wide variety of connection options, several signal and cable types allow a flexible choice of playback sources alongside PACS display.’

Size and resolution are key factors in medical imaging displays, thus NEC points out ‘radiologists will benefit greatly from the 31.5” sized NEC MD322C8 diagnostic monitor with 8MP (UHD) resolution for daily reporting outside conference sessions’.



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