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The beginning of a new era in surgical visualization

NDS Surgical Imaging (NDSsi) designed a revolutionary visualization platform for operating rooms and minimally invasive suites to help surgeons see more, know more, and ultimately do more for their patients. The company released its highly anticipated 27" Radiance® Ultra, a next-generation surgical visualization platform boasting the brightest LED backlight in its class*. The ultra-high level of brightness overcomes reflections and glare that occur in high ambient light environments and increases the usable contrast ratio, allowing surgeons to more easily visualize recessed anatomy, and improving the overall viewing experience.

Improves Visualization in High Ambient Light Environments and Enhances...
Improves Visualization in High Ambient Light Environments and Enhances Visibility of Recessed Anatomy
Source: NDS Surgical Imaging
Radiance® 27 Ultra: a revolutionary visualization platform for OR rooms,...
Radiance® 27" Ultra: a revolutionary visualization platform for OR rooms, hybrid rooms, minimally invasive suites, labs & IC units.
Source: NDS Surgical Imaging

Superior image consistency over time from display to display instills greater confidence in the surgical team.
The latest addition to the industry-leading Radiance brand, the new 27″ Radiance Ultra utilizes NDSsi's proprietary Medi-Match™ color calibration technology, giving clinicians added confidence that the color of tissue and other anatomy is always rendered accurately and consistently over time from display to display.

Each system is precisely calibrated to stringent specifications, enabling zero-latency, pixel-by-pixel color response correction in real time.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass provides excellent impact and scratch resistance
The first surgical visualization system to feature a sealed edge-to-edge front panel incorporating Corning® Gorilla® Glass, the 27" Radiance Ultra offers a seamless design, enabling faster operating room turnaround and enhanced clinical efficiency through quicker and more convenient cleaning and disinfection. Another benefit of the Corning Gorilla Glass is its excellent scratch and impact resistance. Engineered to provide a splash-proof front enclosure, the 27" Radiance Ultra has a front liquid Ingress Protection rating of IPX6, the highest of any surgical display in the world.

"Our agreement with NDSsi represents the first surgical display cover glass application for Corning Gorilla Glass with an anti-reflective coating," said Joydeep Lahiri, vice president and program director, Specialty Surfaces.  "We are excited to collaborate with NDSsi, a market leader in surgical displays, on this opportunity."

Intelli-guard Stabilization & DICOM 3.14 Compliant
Intelligent design features also include proximity-sensitive menu buttons, which illuminate when approached and in use, and then automatically dim to minimize visual distraction.

An integrated rear cable cover conveniently routes cables for easy management. To further boost clinical confidence, the DICOM gamma setting and NDSsi's Intelli-guard™ backlight stabilization system provide DICOM 3.14 compliance equivalent to that of a diagnostic radiology display, for reference purposes only.

"The launch of the 27″ Radiance Ultra signals a new era in surgical visualization," said Karim Khadr, president and general manager at NDSsi. "As a manufacturer solely focused on medical innovation, we take great pride in enabling surgical teams to see more, learn more, and ultimately do more for their patients."

With a slim design, the new 27″ Radiance Ultra can easily be installed in place of existing 26″ models on boom arms or surgical carts, and is available now.
*The highest output luminance at 6500°K color temperature, 900 cd/m2 (typical).

Superb image quality is just the beginning.


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