Surgical site infections

Post-operative wound infection occurs after an estimated 17% of surgical operations – sometimes with devastating consequences for the patient. The list of preventive measures is manifold and long. However, one strategy is increasingly moving into the spotlight: the use of antibacterial coated sutures. Ethicon Products is at the cutting edge in this field. Sandra Rasche, head of this Business…


TopClean 60 multiwasher

For utmost patient safety, MEIKO is proud to present a so-called multiwasher with the type designation “TopClean 60”. This state-of-the-art development from the Offenburg manufacturer of disinfection appliances for hospitals and nursing homes involves a cleaning and disinfection appliance for practically everything that has to be treated safely in terms of hygiene.


Nosocomial infections

According to ECD statistics for Europe, three million cases of nosocomial infections occur annually, and 50,000 are fatal. Evelina Tacconelli MD PhD (below) is Assistant Professor of Infectious Diseases at the Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore in Rome, Italy. Her scientific focus is on epidemiology, clinical and therapeutic aspects of nosocomial infections and infection control policies aimed to…

Isolation technology

As processes become more complex, the need for increased laboratory safety is paramount. Protecting operators from hazardous substances, aerosol release or spillages is a critical consideration during processes, whether they are mixing substances or dispensing drugs. Of equal importance is the need to protect the substance, or product, from contamination from the operator. Mark Nicholls presents…


Work stress among staff associated with hospital infections

Hospital-associated infections are a serious public health problem. Approximately 50 000 patients get hospital infection during their stay, and these infections are estimated to contribute to death in 2000 - 5000 cases. A recent study by The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and Turku University Hospital shows that hospital-associated infections among patients are more common in wards…


Revolutionary invention

When Leo Baekeland invented the world's first true man-made plastic in 1907, his diary entry stated that he believed that "this invention will prove important in the future." This was definitely an understatement, since man-made plastics have revolutionised life for us all, especially in the field of drug discovery with major advances in PCR and QPCR techniques undertaken using plastic…


BioCote reduces bacteria by 95% in hospitals

The antimicrobial technology firm BioCote Ltd, which is showing its products at the British Pavillion, is also promoting the results from the first study to investigate how silver antimicrobial products can reduce levels of bacteria in hospitals, clinics and care homes.

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