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EASY PULSE® – latest generation of automatic CPR devices

The EASY PULSE® is an unbelievably small and light mechanical chest compression device. Performing manual chest compressions well for an extended period of time is almost impossible. Not only is it…



CARDIOVIT AT-1 G2 - When tradition meets modernity

SCHILLER is very pleased to introduce the 2nd generation of its most successful ECG device: Building on the solidly proven AT-1 and enhanced with the latest technology, the AT-1 G2 distinguishes…


ESC 2016

Maximum performance with SCHILLER’s latest innovations!

SCHILLER is looking forward to ESC Congress 2016. Come and visit us at booth E4-O200 and explore our latest innovations!


Data management

Cardiac IT made simple

When Michael Ziller, Head of IT at the Bethanien Hospital in Moers, Germany, was looking for a provider of cardiac IT applications that not only offered standard applications for ECGs as well as…



Schiller: DEFIGARD Touch7

The latest member of SCHILLER’s rescue family is extremely compact and offers the latest defibrillation technology in combination with comprehensive monitoring functions. It is the first emergency…


Fast and easy

Schiller's diagnostics station DS20...

... simplifies your daily work: Most vital signs and physical assessment tools united in one device; large, interactive touch screen and intuitive guidance. With 12-lead ECG interpretation,…


Diagnostic station DS20

Modern and practical design unites the most demanded functions

Schiller's Diagnostic Station DS20 simplifies the daily work: most vital signs and physical assessment tools united in one device; large, interactive touch screen; intuitive guidance and ease of use.…



Explore the new world of ECGs

Come and visit us at booth A300 at the ESC in London. SCHILLER is delighted to present you its latest innovations!


In the year of its 40th anniversary, Schiller proudly presents an algorithm which immediately and accurately localises coronary occlusions and provides early detection of STEMI. This algorithm is now…


Listen to your heart 24 hours a day

The ‘Fire of Life’ developed by Schiller is an intuitive visual presentation of frequency-domain heart rate variability (HRV) that makes the assessment of 24-hour results fast and simple.


Distinguished by precision and accuracy

We are very pleased to introduce our new Exercise Stress Test System CARDIOVIT CS-200 Touch which can perform multiple clinical tests: 12-/16-channel resting and exercise ECG, Holter ECG and 24h ABPM.


Efficient and compact mechanical Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Performing manual chest compressions well for an extended period of time is almost impossible.


Touch screen cardiopulmonary diagnostics

Schiller reports that its new range of touch screen ECG systems combines precision performance and attractive ergonomics. With a touch to the large, high-resolution colour display, 12-lead ECGs and…

Agfa HealthCare teams with Schiller America Inc. to strengthen cardiology reach

Agfa HealthCare announces today it has teamed up with Schiller America Inc., a leading international manufacturer and supplier of electrocardiographs, stress and cardiopulmonary exercise testing,…


Schiller AG - Pace maker of trends in emergency medicine

In Switzerland, they say, the clocks tick a little slower than elsewhere in the world. Not at Schiller AG in Baar, however: The company remains forever ahead of the times. Since 1971, physicist…


CARDIOVIT CS-200 - new design and additional features

CS-200: SCHILLER´s complete Diagnostic Solution has been redesigned, offering now even more added value. Discreet but important external modifications encompass a large, swivel-mounted 19`` monitor,…

SCHILLER group acquires Medilog

On 1st May, Medilog became part of the SCHILLER group. Medilog will be SCHILLER's high-end Holter system. Medilog's additional products are an ideal complement to SCHILLER's present product range.…


Telemetric recorder with 12-lead ECG and SpO2 monitoring

The Argus Pro Telemetry TM-1, with small, strong casing and a brilliant 3.8-inch colour screen, is the first telemetry recorder to feature diagnostic 12-lead ECG - with real-time display of all 12…


FRED® easyport

Cardiac infarction and cardiovascular failure are two of today's most frequent emergencies. SCHILLER's FRED® easyport® pocket is the only pocket defibrillator in the world.


Mobile AED

The world's smallest defibrillator

The Fred easyport, the only pocket defibrillator in the world, which Schiller brought onto the market three years ago, was a huge success so far. From next year on, the device will also supply a…

Data management in cardiology

With CardioNet by SCHILLER SEMA the number of unnecessary multiple exams can be greatly reduced as family physician, specialist and hospital can exchange data.


Company Profile

In the spotlight: Schiller AG

Alfred E Schiller, founder and managing director of Schiller AG, based in Baar, Switzerland, describes the rise of his company and its place in today’s highly competitive intensive care market.…