Data management in cardiology

With CardioNet by SCHILLER SEMA the number of unnecessary multiple exams can be greatly reduced as family physician, specialist and hospital can exchange data.

Can you imagine Mr Miller has a sore throat and goes to see his family physician. The physician performs all the usual basic exams. The results indicate that referral to a cardiologist is necessary. The cardiologist performs the same basic exams which the family physician did plus a stress test. The results show that in-patient treatment in a hospital is required. In the hospital the patient for the third time goes through all the basic exams, through another stress test and a scintigraphy and a coronary angiography.
 With CardioNet by SCHILLER SEMA the number of unnecessary multiple exams can be greatly reduced as family physician, specialist and hospital can exchange data and communicate with each other.
The family doctor as the first one in the chain can already consult the cardiologist online. The same holds true for the specialist who does only one exam per category. The IT system also enables fast and precise triage.


When the patient is discharged from the hospital, the specialist as well as the family physician have all relevant diagnostic and exam data. The results of the exams which were performed during the hospital stay such as rest- and stress-ECG are archived on the ECG equipment of both the family doctor and the cardiologist and can be easily accessed and used for serial comparison or when a second opinion is required.


SCHILLER provides such IT solution in cooperation with their partners.




Would you like to get more information about the IT solution? Please contact or call +41 41 766 42 42




CardioNet – the multiple network solution of the Kantonsspital Basle, Provided by SEMA – Data Management Solution by Schiller AG, Baar/Switzerland


Project partner:                     

Schiller AG, Baar/Switzerland, Kantonsspital, Basle/Switzerland, Legon Informatik GmbH, Gränichen/Switzerland



Project information:             

Schiller AG, Altgasse 68, 6341 Baar/Switzerland





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