In the year of its 40th anniversary, Schiller proudly presents an algorithm which immediately and accurately localises coronary occlusions and provides early detection of STEMI. This algorithm is now integrated in the sophisticated touch ECG devices, the Cardovit MS line.

For the past four decades, Schiller has been committed to fight cardiac death. Schiller's success started with the launch of the smallest emergency electrocardioscope available at the time. Today, Schiller is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of medical devices. The group employs around 1000 people and has a global sales network.

The future of medicine is inextricably linked to networked and mobile solutions. In order to keep up  with this trend, Schiller designs innovative, tailor-made solutions for small practices and university hospitals alike.

A recent example is the Cardovit MS line, which now provides a unique algorithm: the Culprit Coronary Artery Algorithm (CCAA). This algorithm developed by Professor Hein Wellens reduces the time interval between onset of chest pain and restoration of myocardial blood flow to a minimum in order to
prevent or limit cardiac damage. CCAA is not only able to shorten the time until the patient receives proper medical attention. It is also the only algorithm that gives the exact location of the occlusion site in the coronary artery, indicating the size of the area at risk!


CARDIOVIT MS-2007: Small, handy 12-channel ECG device The CARDIOVIT MS-2007 is a lightweight, portable and compact ECG analysis system that accompanies you wherever you go. It is designed to be as easy as “connect and click,” while ensuring high quality ECG data. This makes the CARDIOVIT MS-2007 ideal for home visits.

CARDIOVIT MS-2010: The ingenious union of form and function - experience a whole new look, feel and ECG standard SCHILLER’s CARDIOVIT MS-2010 unites precision and performance with sophisticated ergonomics. It is intended for large work volumes where speed and quality are paramount.

CARDIOVIT MS-2015: Defining the new horizon of electrocardiography: view real measured 16-lead ECGs directly on the 15-inch full colour touch screen
SCHILLER’s CARDIOVIT MS-2015 is a state-of the-art electrocardiograph that simplifies diagnostic ECG interpretation and streamlines workflows by delivering high-quality clinical reports when and where you need them.

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ESC 2016

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SCHILLER is looking forward to ESC Congress 2016. Come and visit us at booth E4-O200 and explore our latest innovations!

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