One system covers all

With over 6,000 employees serving over 50 different departments, the 1,062-bed university hospital UZ Gent is Belgium’s largest single hospital campus. Managing all the imaging data from such a huge institution – as well as establishing a network with about 30 partner hospitals and other caregivers – suggests a quite tricky task. Tricky, but not impossible, as Professor Bart Sijnave, Chief…


Europe’s first fully digitised hospital

He was among the pioneers of hospital digitization. Way back in 1988, Professor Walter Hruby, Chair of the Institute for Radiological Diagnostics at the Donauspital Vienna, in Austria, decided that, when his hospital opened its doors, state-of-the-art technology would be implemented. Thus, in 1992, the Donauspital became Europe’s first, fully-digitised hospital. Today, recollecting that…


Cloud computing

L’Assitance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris, France, is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. In 2005, the group voted to implement a PACS in association with Carestream Health to connect its 47 hospitals and centralise their data. This meant creating a network to cover 36 CT scanners, 31 MRIs, seven PET-CTs and 37 SPECT systems, which were linked to 37 RIS and 30,000 computers - of course…


HMS - PACS installations in a networked environment

Dr Nicola H Strickland BM BCh, MA Hons (Oxon) FRCP, FRCR, Consultant Radiologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Department of Imaging, Hammersmith Hospital, London, trained in natural science and medicine at the University of Oxford, and in radiology at Hammersmith Hospital, London. Now a staff member at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, she has been…


Euromedic International

There are huge differences in the quality of medical IT systems, particularly in some East European countries. However, recent political and economic changes in that region have been accompanied by improved quality standards. In Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia, Croatia, Greece, the Czech Republic, Russia, Portugal, Ireland, Turkey and Switzerland, the privately funded group Euromedic…

Sectra to show latest advancements in wide area radiology

At ECR 2010 in Vienna, Sectra focus on solutions for increased productivity. Sectra RIS/PACS is a performance solution for wide area radiology. Built on the latest Sectra RapidConnectTM technology, it allows radiologists to work from any location that offers reasonable Internet access and to share images and information between multiple locations with ease.


Carestream's latest innovations

At the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) annual meeting in Vienna, Carestream Health will demonstrate its latest digital imaging and IT solutions. These include its new RIS/PACS & SuperPACS Architecture. The new PACS has an embedded reporting module and a convenient graphic display for “at a glance” viewing of available patient records and data, Carestream reports.

Visage 7 – true efficiency for your workflow

At RSNA 2009 Visage Imaging will present Visage 7 a single thin client based application that delivers true efficiency for reading everything from plain film to cardiac CT, as well as for state-of-the-art 3D post-processing. Due to its server-based streaming technology all functionality can be accessed efficiently from inside a LAN/WAN and via Internet, on Windows and Mac OS clients. The…


DICOM 2009

State of the art IT in a vintage venue: From 2 to 4 July 2009, venerable Waldhausen castle near Mainz, Germany, will host an expert forum on future-oriented developments in medical IT and medical technology in the German-speaking countries. DICOM 2009 is the ideal place to obtain first-hand and hands-on information on the newest trends in RIS and PACS as well as DICOM and IHE standards. Professor…


DICOM 2009 - die Diskussionsplattform für alle Anwender von IT im Krankenhaus und in der Praxis

In den altehrwürdigen Mauern von Schloß Waldhausen bei Mainz diskutieren vom 2. bis 4. Juli 2009 renommierte deutschsprachige Experten über zukunftsweisende Trends in der Informationstechnologie und -technik in der Medizin. Das Event DICOM 2009 bietet die optimale Plattform, sich praxisnah über RIS, PACS sowie DICOM- und IHE-Standards zu informieren.


Carestreams RIS Mammography Module Improves Screening Administration

It is not only the examination itself that makes mammography screening programmes successful, an intelligent integration of the data into the hospital´s RIS is another integral part of it. Since last year, a new mammography module for the Carestream RIS, is improving mammography screening administration in three of Denmark's five regions. Development work on the innovative module was initiated…


Flexibility, Convenience, Productivity

At ECR 2008 Carestream Health will demonstrate powerful new digital imaging and IT solutions, which help healthcare providers improve quality and operational performance. Carestream Health is rapidly expanding its presence in European e-health by providing innovative solutions that combine ease of use with advanced functionality, enabling the full benefits of an all-digital workflow to be…

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