The growing need for ‘cloud’ computing

In June 2009, IBM introduced the industry’s first set of commercial cloud services. Based on two years of research and hundreds of client engagements, the IBM Smart Business ‘cloud’ portfolio aims to help clients turn complex business processes into simple services. How does IBM explain what cloud services are? Cloud Computing is a form of IT use where the end user can utilise…

Visage 7 – true efficiency for your workflow

At RSNA 2009 Visage Imaging will present Visage 7 a single thin client based application that delivers true efficiency for reading everything from plain film to cardiac CT, as well as for state-of-the-art 3D post-processing. Due to its server-based streaming technology all functionality can be accessed efficiently from inside a LAN/WAN and via Internet, on Windows and Mac OS clients. The…

We need greater compatibility!

As medical images are increasingly digitized, their management, compression and retrieval is increasingly challenged. According to new analysis* from Frost & Sullivan, which examined medical image storage solutions markets in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux and Italy, the total European storage requirement in 2007 was 106,044 terabytes (TB).


Growing Europe-wide impact of eHealth

The 7th European eHealth conference kicked off on Thursday, February 19,, 2009, with high-profile attendance and a strong determination to bring forward the application of eHealth in the Member States and on a supranational level. Several national health ministers and secretaries of state pledged their clear commitment to further developing eHealth in Europe despite all of the current economic…


New Image Guided Therapy Suites at Sick Kids

In May 2001, the world's first CT-XR hybrid suite for image guided therapy in paediatrics was put into operation. The new Centre for Image Guided Therapy (IGT) at The Hospital for Sick Children allows surgeons and interventional radiologists to do something that's never been done before - work side-by-side when diagnosing and treating children. A total of 4 interventional suites were equipped…

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