HMS - PACS installations in a networked environment

Dr Nicola H Strickland BM BCh, MA Hons (Oxon) FRCP, FRCR, Consultant Radiologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Department of Imaging, Hammersmith Hospital, London, trained in natural science and medicine at the University of Oxford, and in radiology at Hammersmith Hospital, London. Now a staff member at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, she has been…


Patient records follow the patient at CHU-Bordeaux

Building on top of its imaging network, the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Bordeaux today features a shared medical record that follows a patient through the entire care path and beyond to scheduling follow up appointments. All medical wards and surgical groups in the 3,107-bed CHU-Bordeaux complex access and then contribute to this unique patient record that was constructed step-by-step…

RSNA 2009 showcases Agfa HealthCare's newest features for IMPAX

Agfa HealthCare unveiled the latest version of its IMPAX product portfolio at the 2009 meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). The improvements to its IMPAX solutions will further increase a radiologist's ability to read more exams, with fewer mouse clicks. Enhancements include new tools supporting multi-planar labeling for volumetric spine studies, new communications tools,…

Sweden in Chicago

At RSNA 2009 in Chicago, Sectra focus on solutions for increased productivity. Sectra RIS/PACS is a performance solution for wide area radiology. Built on the Sectra RapidConnect technology it enables efficient workload sharing across multiple sites, even for large image stacks over strained networks. This way, Sectra RIS/PACS provides the opportunity to cope with ever-expanding challenges such…


DICOM 2009

State of the art IT in a vintage venue: From 2 to 4 July 2009, venerable Waldhausen castle near Mainz, Germany, will host an expert forum on future-oriented developments in medical IT and medical technology in the German-speaking countries. DICOM 2009 is the ideal place to obtain first-hand and hands-on information on the newest trends in RIS and PACS as well as DICOM and IHE standards. Professor…


DICOM 2009 - die Diskussionsplattform für alle Anwender von IT im Krankenhaus und in der Praxis

In den altehrwürdigen Mauern von Schloß Waldhausen bei Mainz diskutieren vom 2. bis 4. Juli 2009 renommierte deutschsprachige Experten über zukunftsweisende Trends in der Informationstechnologie und -technik in der Medizin. Das Event DICOM 2009 bietet die optimale Plattform, sich praxisnah über RIS, PACS sowie DICOM- und IHE-Standards zu informieren.


Carestream Health with new PACS project in Belgium

Carestream Health has won three contracts for Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) to view, manage and store digital mammography images for healthcare initiatives in the French-speaking region of Belgium. The PACS will meet the needs of a regional programme for mammography screening, an extended provincial programme for mammography screening within a mobile environment and a…

The switch from analogue to digital

Analogue screening systems are gradually being replaced by digital mammography systems, and breast cancer screening programmes are increasing sales. The majority of European countries have implemented in European countries, but in some others their introduction is slow, but steady. Additionally, Europe has significant geographic diversity, and remote places served by mobile screening units…


Radiologists must change or lose out

With cardiologists and neurologists purchasing imaging equipment for use by them in their departments, clinical education has become crucial to the survival of radiologists, for whom specialist training, with a focus on particular body areas, is also imperative, says radiological interventionist Professor Malgorzata Szczerbo-Trojanowska, President of the ECR 2010.


The EC and teleradiology

The recently published European Commission Communication on Telemedicine for the benefit of patients, healthcare systems and society has focused in particular on teleradiology, i.e. telemedicine services involving the electronic transmission of radiographic images from one geographical location to another for interpretation and consultation, writes Michael Palmer, Project Officer at the eHealth…

2009 TeleHealth conference program announced

At the International TeleHealth Conference (5 and 6 March) leading experts from the healthcare sector will come together in Hannover, Germany, to evaluate the latest developments in digital medicine. Alongside established topics such as telemonitoring, telematics infrastructure and eHealth, this year's conference will also focus on telemedical applications in the area of military and disaster…


Röntgenbefundung besser durch Empathie

Auch Ärzte sind nur Menschen. So kommt eine Studie der Nordamerikanischen Radiolo-gengesellschaft (RSNA) zu dem Schluss, dass Röntgenärzte sorgfältiger und treffsicherer diagnostizieren, wenn ihnen ein Foto des Patienten vorliegt.


Med-tech industry profits are hit by the global financial crisis

The sector is ‘clearly strained’, says Joachim M. Schmitt, Managing Director and Member of Board of the German Medical Technology Association, BVMed, in Berlin. But, the good news is, employment is up and, he adds ‘We are at the beginning of a medical technology revolution’. ‘Overall, healthcare is certainly more panic-proof than, for example, the automobile industry,’ said Joachim…

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