RSNA 2009 showcases Agfa HealthCare's newest features for IMPAX

Agfa HealthCare unveiled the latest version of its IMPAX product portfolio at the 2009 meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). The improvements to its IMPAX solutions will further increase a radiologist's ability to read more exams, with fewer mouse clicks. Enhancements include new tools supporting multi-planar labeling for volumetric spine studies, new communications tools, enhanced task management and optimized algorithms that speed image delivery.

"A web-enabled enterprise-wide solution, IMPAX blends information and images, providing the diagnostic imaging department with electronic management tools for everything from orders through results," said Lenny Reznik, Director, Enterprise Imaging and Information, Agfa HealthCare, U.S.A. "Because IMPAX is configurable and scalable, it helps provide timely distribution of images and information to the referral base, contributing to increased customer satisfaction for services at the smallest community hospital to the largest medical center."

The latest version of IMPAX offers enhancements in low-bandwidth image delivery, diagnostic reporting, custom work list creation, advanced clinical tools for large volume rendering and order to report distribution workflow. New clinical applications offer fully integrated advanced image processing, while referring physicians benefit from improved results sharing of images and information. Communication tools, such as instant messaging, voice clip options, and support for display of DICOM-structured reports and measurements not only round out the IMPAX offering, their comprehensive functionality sets a new definition for PACS default functionality.

Agfa HealthCare understands the goals of the radiologist: to make a diagnosis in an efficient manner so he/she can move on to help the next patient. IMPAX is designed with those goals in mind. From providing feedback to assure that each mammography image has been viewed to cross-sectional navigation across multiple planes in CT and MR data sets, each IMPAX tool is built to smoothly increase the flow of work. Whether you want to 'Dictate-Edit-Sign', engage in 'at-home reporting and remote sign-off' or just have 'digital dictation,' IMPAX has a workflow for your goal or style.

Another strong example of this commitment is IMPAX for Breast Imaging's full support for the IHE Mammography Image Profile, which facilitates reporting workflow and allows clinicians to work with patient images in a single display, showing multiple modalities from multiple vendors. On display will also be a new mammography-specific reading room keypad and new efficiencies, including improved screening and diagnostic workflows.

Supporting diagnostic and interventional workflow, IMPAX Cardiovascular enhances heart and vascular diagnostics and documentation by offering clinicians features such as detailed final reports with graphs and embedded images, resting and stress ECG, clinically relevant structured reporting, and secure access to diagnostic data and images via an EHR-compatible thin client review.

"The latest version of IMPAX delivers a new generation of IMPAX image management applications, employing new design and architecture to extend the benefits of PACS to the entire enterprise and external user base," said Georgios Spitadakis, Imaging Informatics Business Manager. "Radiologists, technologists, clinicians, orthopedic surgeons, referring physicians, and PACS administrators will experience tangible results with IMPAX."


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