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The diako’s universal medical archive

Embarking on a large-scale refurbishment and building programme, which included building four new high-tech operating theatres, planning for medical video and photographic documentation became a key issue at the diako hospital in Augsburg, Germany.


Major forces in hospital design and construction

RTKL, the architecture and design subsidiary of Arcadis, handles large hospital projects worldwide, with its medical equipment planning group providing specialist consulting on complex medical equipment and IT solutions implementation. During a recent hospital construction congress (Klinikimmobilien in Frankfurt) we spoke with RTKL Vice President and Global Service Leader for Medical Equipment…


How information is turned into knowledge

If you look at the current – not to mention the future – challenges in the hospital environment the term information technology seems misleading. Surely there is no dearth of information. The foremost task of technology however is to turn information into knowledge. EH@Medica talked to Bernhard Calmer, Head of IT Sales, Siemens Healthcare, Germany, about the new knowledge technology and its…


One system covers all

With over 6,000 employees serving over 50 different departments, the 1,062-bed university hospital UZ Gent is Belgium’s largest single hospital campus. Managing all the imaging data from such a huge institution – as well as establishing a network with about 30 partner hospitals and other caregivers – suggests a quite tricky task. Tricky, but not impossible, as Professor Bart Sijnave, Chief…


Digital diagnostics in the catheter lab

The VISUS system integrates cardiology modalities from all major manufacturers. Due to the company’s long experience with the communication standard DICOM, which is the corner stone of the integration of images in the PACS, images which are not available in DICOM format are digitalised with the help of a frame grabber, basically an analogue-digital converter.

RSNA 2009 showcases Agfa HealthCare's newest features for IMPAX

Agfa HealthCare unveiled the latest version of its IMPAX product portfolio at the 2009 meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). The improvements to its IMPAX solutions will further increase a radiologist's ability to read more exams, with fewer mouse clicks. Enhancements include new tools supporting multi-planar labeling for volumetric spine studies, new communications tools,…

Visage 7 – true efficiency for your workflow

At RSNA 2009 Visage Imaging will present Visage 7 a single thin client based application that delivers true efficiency for reading everything from plain film to cardiac CT, as well as for state-of-the-art 3D post-processing. Due to its server-based streaming technology all functionality can be accessed efficiently from inside a LAN/WAN and via Internet, on Windows and Mac OS clients. The…



The DR200M, a fully-integrated mobile digital radiography system developed by Landwind Medical (, is set to impress with its ergonomic design for easy-to-handle mobility, positioning at patient's bedsides and most of all speed and quality of imaging.


DICOM 2009

State of the art IT in a vintage venue: From 2 to 4 July 2009, venerable Waldhausen castle near Mainz, Germany, will host an expert forum on future-oriented developments in medical IT and medical technology in the German-speaking countries. DICOM 2009 is the ideal place to obtain first-hand and hands-on information on the newest trends in RIS and PACS as well as DICOM and IHE standards. Professor…


DICOM 2009 - die Diskussionsplattform für alle Anwender von IT im Krankenhaus und in der Praxis

In den altehrwürdigen Mauern von Schloß Waldhausen bei Mainz diskutieren vom 2. bis 4. Juli 2009 renommierte deutschsprachige Experten über zukunftsweisende Trends in der Informationstechnologie und -technik in der Medizin. Das Event DICOM 2009 bietet die optimale Plattform, sich praxisnah über RIS, PACS sowie DICOM- und IHE-Standards zu informieren.

We need greater compatibility!

As medical images are increasingly digitized, their management, compression and retrieval is increasingly challenged. According to new analysis* from Frost & Sullivan, which examined medical image storage solutions markets in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux and Italy, the total European storage requirement in 2007 was 106,044 terabytes (TB).

Highly-secure long-term data storage solution

Hard disks are fast replacing tapes and optical media in all phases of data archiving. However, most conventional hard disk systems are generally unsuitable for long-term storage. FAST LTA (long term archiving) reports that its Silent Cubes are the first solution designed solely for highly-secure long-term storage of permanent data.


“Health IT is as important as water or electricity”

The Nordic countries have a reputation for being among Europe's avant-garde in the field of digital healthcare solutions. HealthTech Wire talked to Arto Ryymin, executive Vice President of Tieto's healthcare and welfare business, about what the rest of Europe can learn from the Nordic countries and about how health IT companies can support the standardization efforts under way in Europe.

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