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Chronic Liver Disease

Study confirms clinical benefit of ShearWave Elastography

SuperSonic Imagine announces that a multicenter retrospective study conducted in Europe and China, has confirmed the clinical utility of ShearWave Elastography in patients with chronic liver disease,…



SuperSonic reveals micro vessels with AngioPLUS

Building on an innovative ultrasound technology that continues to yield break-through capabilities, SuperSonic Imagine is introducing AngioPLUS, a third diagnostic functionality for its Aixplorer…


Fast Ultrasound

Ultrasound system sharpens paediatric hepatic imaging

Ask about UltraFast ultrasound and you might expect a technical answer explaining why the ultrasound is faster. However, for Stéphanie Franchi-Abella MD, fast means just fast, an ultra-quick…


ShearWave Elastography is relevant in diagnosis, staging, and prognosis for liver fibrosis

Across the globe, up to 400 million people carry the hepatitis B virus, and more than 180 million – approximately 400,000 in France – are infected with the hepatitis C virus.


Study proves benefits of ShearWave Elastography

The multinational, multicentre Breast Elastography 1 (BE1) study – launched in April 2008 and led by Professor David Cosgrove of Imperial College of Medicine, London – has shown the clinical…


Proven Benefits of ShearWave Elastography

Radiology and European Radiology Journals Report High Reproducibility and Significant Improvement of Breast Ultrasound Specificity. The much anticipated results of the largest clinical breast study…


ShearWave Elastography enters new applications and medical fields

In 2005, when they founded the French ultrasound company SuperSonic Imagine, Jacques Souquet PhD and Claude Cohen-Bacrie had to convince radiologists that they not only offered a new product but also…

Hologic signs exclusive agreement with SuperSonic Imagine

Hologic announced the signing of an exclusive partnership agreement with SuperSonic Imagine, S.A., an innovative producer of diagnostic ultrasound technology. Under the terms of the agreement,…


Promising preliminary breast trial results

During a symposium at ECR 2010 SuperSonic Imagine presented the preliminary results of the largest breast trial ever undertaken by an ultrasound company involving 956 breast cases.



Measuring tissue stiffness without compression

French expert Dr Jacques Souquet PhD, President of SuperSonic Imagine, describes the value and potential of ShearWave elastography, the latest development in ultrasound that enables radiologists to…

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SuperSonic Imagine – Aixplorer Mach 30


SuperSonic Imagine – Aixplorer Mach 30

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