Volumetric X-ray provides depth information about structure of interest

A new volumetric X-ray application, showcased at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna, Austria, provides physicians with multiple high-resolution slice images of the human anatomy, including the chest, abdomen, extemities and spine.

GE Healthcare’s Definium™ 8000 system
GE Healthcare’s Definium™ 8000 system

With GE Healthcare’s Definium™ 8000 system and the new VolumeRAD™ application a series of low-dose projection images can be taken during a single examination, with patients either lying in supine position on the table or standing at a chest stand. The new software enables to perform up to 60 exposures in approximately 10 seconds. The data is then used to generate images at the desired slice interval defined by the user - a benefit compared to linear tomography, which provides only one image from a similar tube sweep.

Using CT-like algorithms, high-resolution thin slices are reconstructed and can be reviewed by the radiologist at a review workstation as sequences of individual images. An unprecedented asset for improved clinical diagnosis, VolumeRAD imaging removes overlying structures, enhancing local tissue separation, and provides depth information about the structure of interest.

“We have been very impressed with the image quality we have obtained from the VolumeRAD system to date”, said Dr Siân Phillips, at the Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend in Wales, UK, one of the first users of VolumeRAD in Europe. “We expect improved productivity, early detection and early patient treatment, better use of the radiography room, and avoidance of some unnecessary CT, MR and bone scan examinations. All this together will have a considerable economic benefit. We are optimistic that over time many new applications will emerge where VolumeRAD will prove beneficial.”

"VolumeRAD is a GE unique advanced application that enables doctors to see volumetric images with a Digital Radiography room,” said Chantal Le Chat General Marketing & Sales Manager, X-ray Interventional & Surgery (SXI) for GE Healthcare, Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region. "We have now installed close to 20 systems in EMEA, and the feedback from the first users is extremely encouraging. With VolumeRAD, they are more confident in their diagnosis and have acknowledged the potential benefit of avoiding supplementary examinations."


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