Lateral flow immunoassay

Up to 10-fold increase in assay sensitivity

BBI Solutions has launched Morffi, a novel conjugate blocking technology that enhances signal intensity and improves the sensitivity of lateral flow immunoassaysThe technology, developed in-house by BBI Solutions scientists, improves the limit of detection of an assay, providing an increase in sensitivity of up to ten times and a faster time to result.

(L-R) Dan Laxton, Robert Webb, Jonathan Thomas, Lowri Cope.
(L-R) Dan Laxton, Robert Webb, Jonathan Thomas, Lowri Cope.

Lateral flow immunoassays (LFIs) rely on the specific interaction between the analyte of interest and an immobilised binding partner, such as an antibody, antigen or enzyme. To improve performance, a ‘blocking’ agent is bound to unoccupied conjugation sites on the reporter label, preventing nonspecific binding. However, the most commonly used conjugate blocker, BSA cross-reacts with human serum albumin-binding antibodies, bovine and other animal-origin targets, and exhibits lot-to-lot variability. Its relatively large size can also lead to steric hindrance affecting the detection of the target molecule. The proprietary Morffi technology overcomes these issues1. Due to its size in comparison to BSA, it improves the availability of analyte-specific binding partners on the surface of the reporter label, increasing the signal intensity and sensitivity of the assay. Morffi has been successfully tested with over 30 conjugates to date, clearly demonstrating its suitability for a range of LFIs.

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1 Morgan West, Ffion Walters, Shaun Phillips and Darren Rowles; Enhanced performance of a lateral flow assay. Use of a novel conjugate blocking technology to improve performance of a gold nanoparticle-based lateral flow assay.

Source: BBI Solutions


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