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Beckman Coulter · Access 2 Immunoassay System

Dimensions: 500 × 900 × 610 mm (h × w × d)

Weight: 91 kg

Sample throughput: Up to 100 / h

Assays: > 50 pre-programmed, bar-coded immunoassay methods


Designed to have the robustness of a reference-lab immunoassay analyzer in the convenient size of a benchtop instrument, the Access 2 delivers quality, reliability and speed without sacrificing valuable floor space. The Access 2 features an extensive immunoassay diagnostic-testing menu of more than 50 tests including AMH and TSH (3rd IS).

  • Standardized reagent and assay testing menus can be used across all immunoassay platforms to drive laboratory efficiency and provide consistent results across healthcare networks

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics

22, Rue Juste-Olivier
1260 Nyon

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