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Sample throughput: Turnover of approx. 120 samples / day, fully automated

Assays: Antibiotic Treatment Control (TDM): Ceftazidim, Linezolid, Ciprofloxacin and other intensive care unit (ICU) parameters

Dimensions: 600 × 600 × 630 mm (h × w × d)


Antibiotic Treatment Control (TDM) with DRG:Hybrid-XL DRG adds an important step in Antibiotics Stewardship:

  • Fully automated quantitative analysis of antibiotics for therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), other ICU parameters and more unique assays
  • Fast Results: no sample preparation, results in 1-1.5 h
  • Flexibility: up to 40 different parameters per sample in one run
  • Ease of Use: the intuitive user interface simplifies daily work
  • Secure: calibration is provided via master curve. Calibration and reagents offer a long stability

DRG Instruments GmbH

Frauenbergstraße 18
35039 Marburg

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