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News • Presented at ISUOG 2022

New cloud-based image sharing and reporting software for OB/GYN

A new cloud-based fetal ultrasound image sharing and reporting software for obstetrics/gynecology (OB/GYN) has been announced by Royal Philips. As a vendor-neutral platform, the software called FetView will utilize the ultrasound image data to convey fetal growth projections and provide a user-friendly platform for physician-to-physician and physician-to-patient communication.

Philips' FetView is an integrated solution that combines fetal ultrasound imaging with enhanced reporting and easy access to an expectant mother’s medical data and fetal images, the company reports. All results are securely stored and displayed in real time. With this upcoming addition into Philips’ OB/GYN ultrasound portfolio – which includes Lumify Handheld Ultrasound, diagnostic ultrasound systems EPIQ, Affiniti and mobile app Pregnancy+ – pregnant women and their care teams will have access to a comprehensive overview of how a pregnancy is progressing to help provide peace of mind to patients and enhance diagnostic confidence for clinicians.

The digital sharing of ultrasound images taken as part of prenatal care in accordance with data protection regulations and shared via a secure portal, help provide added peace of mind which is so important to expectant mothers

Alexander Scharf

With OB/GYN ultrasounds performed in different clinical settings, immediate remote access to ultrasound images and medical histories for collaborative decision-making and easy sharing of images with patients is a challenge. FetView will allow physicians to view, analyze, and annotate ultrasound images in real time via a cloud-based browser-accessible platform for secure image sharing, to help improve quality access to care, reduce patient mobility in case of high-risk pregnancies or post-surgery conditions, and reduce the need to rescan patients. By enabling full digitalization of OB/GYN workflows and patient management, the system is designed to help drive greater departmental efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a better patient and staff experience. “I see multiple patients from many areas in my daily practice, and the implementation of FetView has meant a turbo boost in productivity for my practice,” said Prof. Alexander Scharf, Managing Director, MVZ PraenatGyn, Mainz, Germany. “The flexibility of the software is seamlessly integrated into my existing workflows and everything I need to access in the reporting is just one click away. FetView has also had a very positive impact on my patients, who have showed great enthusiasm for this program. The digital sharing of ultrasound images taken as part of prenatal care in accordance with data protection regulations and shared via a secure portal, help provide added peace of mind which is so important to expectant mothers.”

“The cloud-based reporting and image sharing capabilities of Philips FetView enhance remote communication between physicians and patients,” said Matthijs Groot Wassink, General Manger, OB/GYN Ultrasound at Philips. “By digitizing the workflow, we are taking ultrasound to the next level, delivering smart ultrasound documentation to any OB/GYN practice. The digital reporting and image sharing, and fully customizable design are hugely helpful for physicians, helping to drive efficiency and cost savings with increasing patient satisfaction in their daily practice.” 

Philips FetView’s vendor-neutral software will retrieve images and measurement data via a secure encrypted DICOM interface and display them in a structured layout where care team members can easily add new information and data in line with their individual specialisms and produce easy-to-read growth curves. The application also streamlines the generation of reports in PDF format to be uploaded to electronic patient records and shared online with other clinicians and individual patients. 

Philips FetView will be featured with additional Philips OB/GYN solutions helping to drive earlier and more definitive diagnoses being showcased at this year’s International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG) World Congress (September 16 – 18, 2022, London, UK). 

Source: Philips


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