Molecular imaging platform planned in Alsace

Alsace BioValley Competitivity Pole is partnering GE Healthcare in a feasibility study of the creation of a technology platform in various fields of molecular imaging to focus on research and translational medicine.

This would become accessible to the Alsace region’s scientists as well as to industry partnerships. GE Healthcare will share its knowledge of the various imaging solutions and the types of platform currently in operation in academia and industry. Alsace BioValley will ensure the project will be tightly integrated with the area’s leading scientists, to help develop the Alsace region. ‘Setting up this type of platform, which can model human and animal cells in different ways, will be yet another facility to attract talent and investment to our region,’ explained Nicolas Carboni, managing director of Alsace BioValley.
Dominique Blanc, General Manager France of GE Healthcare, also underlined the benefit to the region: ‘Research in Alsace, both basic and applied, from biology to clinical, from chemistry to genetics has earned a worldwide reputation and is an excellent fit for the level of excellence that GE Healthcare looks for in its projects.’
Situated in the heart of Europe, and hosting 200 companies, 60 laboratories and 15,000 employees, Alsace Biovalley believes it is a real catalyst and one of the largest European clusters for life science and healthcare.


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