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Pluslife Biotech – Mini Dock POC Molecular System

The Pluslife Mini Dock System is a Next-Generation POC molecular diagnostic tool that can be used in different application scenarios, which aims to help the decentralization of MDx in diagnosing facilities.


Complete POC Molecular Testing Solution (Isothermal Amplification Chip Method) 

  • Analyzers, Mini Dock and 8-Channel 
  • 16 Tests, 
    • Pandemic Control - SARS-CoV-2, Monkeypox
    • Respiratory Health - SARS-CoV-2/Flu A/Flu B, RSV/Flu A/Flu B, Strep A, M.P
    • Sexual Health - STD (NG/UU), STD (CT/NG/UU), HPV 16/18/45, HPV 6/11, Strep B (GBS)
    • Animal Health - Feline (FHV-1/C.felis/M.felis), Feline (FHV-1/C.felis/M.felis/Bb), Canine (CDV/CPIV/CAV-2/Bb), ASFV


  • Performance: 98.91% Sensitivity, 100% Specificity, LoD 400 Copies/mL
  • Compact, 
    • Palmed-sized Mink Dock (~210g), weight less than iPhone 14 (~240g)
    • 8-Channel Analyzer, benchtop and stackable design
  • Accurate, equivalent to qPCR tests
  • Fast, 3-step process (sampling → mixing → run test), results in 15~30 mins
  • Powerful, one test up to 6 pathogens
  • Competitive Cost, reusable analyzers and room temperature storage test cards

Find us at MEDICA 2022 Booth No.1 1H39-7 or visit https://www.pluslife.com/ for more detail. 

Website: https://www.pluslife.com/ 


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