An essential tool for detection of respiratory illnesses

By performing just a single test healthcare personnel is now able to simultaneously detect eighteen of the most prevalent respiratory infections in patients. The Seeplex 18-plex Respiratory Test is a highly economical method for molecular diagnostics of respiratory infections. It achieves results rapidly at minimal costs per test.

Photo: An essential tool for detection of respiratory illnesses

Seegene invents its new Seeplex 18-plex Respiratory Test as an essential tool for active surveillance and treatment of respiratory illnesses. Compared to the usual ‘single pathogen – single test’ testing regime the new multiplex-formatted diagnostic test, for which nasopharyngeal spirates, nasopharyngeal swabs or bronchoalveolar lavage samples could be used, is cost-effective and delivers fast results.

The Test detects the following  RNA viruses, DNA viruses and pneumonia bacteria:

      -          Influenza A virus
-          Influenza B virus
-          Human respiratory syncytial virus A
-          Human respiratory syncytial cirus B
-          Human parainfluenzae virus 1
-          Human parainfluenzae virus 2
-          Human parainfluenzae virus 3
-          Human coronavirus 229E/NL63
-          Human coronavirus OC43/HKU1
-          Human rhinovirus
-          Human enterovirus
-          Human adenovirus
-          Human bocavirus
-          Legionella pneumoniae
-          Streptococcus pneumoniae
-          Chlamydophila pneumoniae
-          Haemophilus influenzae
-          Mycoplasma pneumoniae


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