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Beckman Coulter · AU5800 Series

Dimensions: 1260 x 2600 x 1580 mm (h x w x d)

Weight: 1070 kg

Sample throughput: 2000-9800/h

Power consumption: 200-240 W


The AU5800 series represents the highest throughput and fastest turnaround time in the Beckman Coulter AU chemistry analyzer family. With true random-access ­capabilities, the AU5800 series is available in four different scalable models, which are designed to meet the needs of the high-volume core hospital laboratories, as well as the ultra-high-volume commercial laboratory market segment.

  • Maximize throughput with an intelligent sample management system that optimizes the processing of racks based on the tests ordered
  • Ensure quick turnaround time for critical patients with STAT priority testing and auto-repeat of abnormal results

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics

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