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State-of-the-art CT and DR imaging for Gjilan

With the Unicamed Hospital in Gjilan, Kosovo, another new member has joined the United Imaging global family, the company announces. Thanks to a successful collaboration with NeuralMed – a company specialising in the supply, installation and maintenance of medical equipment, in particular imaging systems – Unicamed Hospital will have at its disposal two state-of-the-art United Imaging systems:

The uCT 528, a cutting-edge 80-slice computed tomography (CT) system designed for demanding CT applications, and the uDR 266i, a highly versatile digital radiography system designed to meet the everyday needs of modern healthcare facilities. 

Located in Gjilan, the sixth most populous city in Kosovo, Unicamed Hospital is responsible for providing a wide range of healthcare services to the 90,178 inhabitants of the Gjilan district. From now on, the citizens of Gjilan will have easier access to advanced imaging services.

We are confident that United Imaging’s technology will prove to be of great benefit to the multidisciplinary medical staff and the many patients who visit the hospital seeking the highest quality of diagnosis

The uCT 528 is a state-of-the-art CT scanner that incorporates a number of innovations to provide high diagnostic accuracy and smooth operation. 

The design of the uCT 528 reflects United Imaging’s commitment to providing the highest quality imaging. The groundbreaking Z-detector, supported by the state-of-the-art KARL 3D Iterative Denoising algorithm operating in both the projection and image spaces, significantly reduces noise to deliver low-dose, high-quality images, while the refined voxel size enables visualisation of even small anatomical details. In addition, the uCT offers fast and efficient X-ray conversion thanks to the gadolinium oxysulphide (GOS) scintillator. 

The uCT 528 effectively supports the medical staff in their demanding daily tasks, the manufacturer reports: the Easy-Logic system quickly predicts the user's upcoming actions and automatically arranges the scan procedure on this basis. Similarly, EasyRange technology generates the optimised 3D dose distribution based on anatomical information, making each examination highly personalised. Another feature is uDose, a technology that enables the generation of an optimised 3D dose distribution plan for each individual scan based on anatomical information. Finally, advanced post-processing applications* have been integrated into the console to ensure convenient setup and eliminate the need for a separate workstation. 

Aware of environmental concerns, United Imaging engineers have made a special effort to reduce energy consumption. As a result, the uCT 528 has an uECO mode that saves up to 30% of power consumption compared to conventional standby mode.

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The uDR 266i is a motorised U-arm digital radiography system with superior performance.

uDR 266i digital radiography scanner

Image source: United Imaging 

The 17"×17" high-resolution wireless flat panel detector, with built-in detector charging and supercapacitor, supports a wide range of positioning requirements, making the uDR 266i a highly versatile tool capable of meeting the needs of hospitals, clinics, or screening centres. To reduce the significant burden on medical staff, the uDR 266i is designed for automated operation. Single-click positioning provides a seamless clinical workflow for all patient positioning needs, while the multi-function control console allows remote movement and acquisition from the operating room, greatly enhancing examination efficiency and convenience. 

To ensure reliability and long-term functionality, the uDR 266i features a high-strength special steel plate structure, a high-precision gear backlash eliminator and a locking device, all of which work together to ensure long-term system accuracy and durability. 

"We are confident that United Imaging’s technology will prove to be of great benefit to the multidisciplinary medical staff and the many patients who visit the hospital seeking the highest quality of diagnosis," the company reports. "The advanced capabilities of United Imaging's technology promise to raise the standard of care, ensuring accurate diagnoses and effective treatments for all those who entrust their health to us."

*Advanced post-processing applications are registered separately from CT

Source: United Imaging


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