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United Imaging Healthcare Poland · uEXPLORER

System sensitivity: 176 cps/kBq
Energy resolution (NEMA): 2.9 mm NEMA Spatial Resolution
Field of view: 194cm


The uEXPLORER is an ultra-high-resolution digital PET/CT with a 194cm axial PET field of view (FOV) that enables the entire body to be scanned in one bed position. The system offers total-body dynamic scanning, which enables ultra-low patient doses and produces ultra-high image resolution, changing the way whole-body PET/CT imaging has traditionally been performed. With total-body coverage and unprecedented sensitivity, uEXPLORER is able to capture dynamic changes to radiotracer distribution with ultra-high temporal resolution.

United Imaging Healthcare Poland Sp. z o. o

ul. Żwirki i Wigury 14
02-143 Warszawa

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