3 Tesla • United Imaging Healthcare Poland Sp. z o. o

United Imaging Healthcare Poland · uMR OMEGA

Gradient: 45mT/m & 200 T/m/s
Channels: Up to 96


World's first unique 75 cm Ultra-Wide-Bore 3T MRI with a 60 cm field of view and superior magnetic field homogeneity. SuperFlex Coil Next-generation RF coils with blanket-like feeling and higher RF element density for better patient comfort and image quality. Empowered by the uAIFI Technology Platform, the potential for uMR Omega™ is even more anticipated with significant performance enhancements, more powerful imaging capabilities, better workflow, and improved user experience.

United Imaging Healthcare Poland Sp. z o. o

ul. Żwirki i Wigury 14
02-143 Warszawa

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