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Tomosynthesis • FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe GmbH

Fujifilm · Amulet Innovality Harmony

Pixel output: 50 μm
Scan angle: 40°
Scan time: 4 s


In addition to Amulet Innovality features, Harmony comes with:

  • Comfort Compression which allows to reduce compression after reaching the target compression, this is recognised as being significantly less painful compared to normal compression.
  • New iterative reconstruction, with new level of synthetic 2D image (S-View+) – corrected for low noise and better visibility of details;
  • Dynamic Visualisation II a dynamic image processing with advanced options like fine structure correction FSC;
  • Tomosynthesis biopsy, vertical and lateral approach
  • CEDM; energy subtraction for mammography
  • Dual angle tomosynthesis for dose efficient with maximum diagnostic performance.

Harmony artwork has been designed by Émilie Cardinale.

FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe GmbH

Balcke-Dürr-Allee 6
40882 Ratingen

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