RCT offers general guides for cancer patients

Reliable Cancer Therapies (RCT) celebrates the first anniversary of its website in style. The Swiss non-for-profit organization has completed comprehensive guides for cancer patients and their relatives, which are now available on its website.

Lydie Meheus, Executive Director of RCT
Lydie Meheus, Executive Director of RCT

“When you’re diagnosed with cancer, your world falls apart”, says Lydie Meheus, Executive Director of RCT. “Therefore, we wanted to offer these patients clear guides that can help them to better understand what they are going through and guide them along this difficult journey. Clear and reliable information is crucial in relieving anxiety and panic, which are common feelings amongst cancer patients and their relatives.”

Given that most cancer patients deal with the same issues and have the same questions, RCT now offers two new guides with general information next to the existing ones per cancer type to address these common concerns. These concerns may include the following topics: questions to ask your oncologist, the pros and cons of participating in clinical research, looking after quality of life, information retrieval, second opinions, etc. There are currently two general guides available: one for patients who are just diagnosed with cancer, and another one for patients with advanced cancer.

Other new general guides are available on the following topics:
• Non-conventional therapies
• Conventional therapies
• Integrative cancer care
• Nutrition & physical activity
• Energy-based therapies
• Supplements
• Mind-Body Medicine

“Based on our experience in dealing with patient questions, we realized that there is an unmet need for guidance in the jungle of cancer information”, explains Meheus. “Having this information available in the mother tongue is a must.” The guides are evidence-based, written in a clear, comprehensible language, and provide definitions and explanations. More information.


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