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New mobile ECG gives 360-degree view

The conventional 12-lead ECG has certainly proved its worth in displaying rhythm disorders or ischemia. Nevertheless, as the display possibilities of a 12-lead ECG are limited to only about 110 degrees of the heart, an exact location of a cardiac event often cannot be determined.


Personal MedSystems has produced a brand new combination of smartphone, or tablet PC, and ECG technology to reveal a significantly greater area of the heart. This is the next generation of ECG devices. A broader display is gained via ten supplementary leads, calculated for a 360-degree view. Combined with the free CardioSecur pro app – and using only four electrodes – the mobile 22-lead ECG shows V7-V9 as well as VR3-VR9, in addition to all 12 standard leads. Thus it allows diagnosis of the left and right lateral as well as posterior cardiac wall. CardioSecur pro also provides unrivalled communication and mobility options, the manufacturer points out.

Faster precise diagnosis


Distinguished in the Best Medical App contest at MEDICA 2014, CardioSecur pro ECG technology is a reduced electrodes system based on the EASI standard first developed in the 1960s and described by Dower in the 1980s. Numerous publications scientifically acknowledge that EASI is a highly precise alternative to conventional ECG systems, the maker reports. ‘The outstanding quality and accuracy of CardioSecur pro has been validated in numerous clinical studies against conventional 12-lead ECG systems with 10 electrodes, and evidences a 99% plus match regarding specificity on the heart’s activity.

‘Using only the four electrodes mitigates artefacts to a bare minimum ensuring maximum signal quality and exceptionally stable lead depiction. As the four electrodes are placed on very marked positions of the thorax lead misplacement, often consequential to highly diverse anatomies, is eradicated.’ The originality of the professional mobile ECG system lies in its mobility and simple communication system, the firm adds. ‘Due to its small size and light weight (50 grams), it can be taken anywhere easily, without taking up much space. Time saving is significant due to swift electrode application and intuitive ECG report export options in PDF format via email, iMessage or AirPrint. ECG reports can be easily e-mailed to fellow professionals or attached to the patient’s electronic records, serving the increased need of efficiency.’

ECG readings with CardioSecur pro do not take up much space on a mobile device, as 10,000 minutes of ECG can be recorded per 1GB. Optionally, Personal MedSystems offers an automatic interpretation.

Details: www.mobile-ecg.com



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