New lab systems for virology showcased at ESCV 2022

Image source: MolGen

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New lab systems for virology showcased at ESCV 2022

Dutch global DNA/RNA technology solutions provider MolGen B.V., participates in the 24th Annual Conference of the European Society for Clinical Virology (ESCV) held in Manchester, UK, on 7-10 September.

This is the first time ESCV reconvenes in-person since the Covid-19 pandemic, more than 2 years ago, and presents a unique opportunity for clinical virologists to share insights, innovation and journeys dealing with the coronavirus that very quickly escalated into a global concern. Conference topics include the use of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for virus discovery, viral hepatitis, emerging and re-emerging viral pathogens, vaccines, antivirals, neurological viral infections, immune response to viruses and of course SARS-CoV-2. “We are excited to participate and showcase our systems for high throughput workflows, kits and consumables for professional laboratories with scaling-up testing capacity in RNA/DNA technology in human diagnostics – which can also extend to plants and animals,” said Niels Kruize, CEO of MolGen.

The PurePrep 96 extraction system

Image source: MolGen

MolGen is proud to be a sponsor of the event, and is also exhibiting their complete diagnostics’ workflow as well as demonstrating the PurePrep 96 (PP96) extraction system, which is high-throughput with up to 96 samples per run. The products from the PurePrep line have easy-to-use interfaces and are user friendly with minimal footprint, the company reports. MolGen looks forward to connecting with physicians, paediatricians, veterinarians, infectious diseases specialists, virologists or microbiologists and business partners at Manchester Central Convention Complex Exchange Suite, Petersfield, Manchester, M2 3GX. 

MolGen is proudly Dutch, and in the spirit of embodying the Dutch heritage in their commercial spirit, decisiveness and courage, want to get to know interested customers by investing in relationships. To this end, the company announces a special promotion called "Going Dutch", offering 50% discounts for select products, including the Pureprep 96. This promotion is extended to ESCV and running through September and October 2022. 

The MolGen team will be present at booth 35 to meet and share information about MolGen's diagnostic solutions and the Going Dutch promotion. 

Source: MolGen


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