Ludwig-Maximillians-University Munich installs GE Healthcares' 64-multislice LightSpeed VCT

The department of Radiology at the LMU Munich optimizes the care of patients with LightSpeed VCT, a 64-multislice CT from GE Healthcare. The high-tech CT is perfectly suited for patients suffering from multiple trauma, who highly benefit from fast and significant CT-diagnostic.

Photo: Ludwig-Maximillians-University Munich installs GE Healthcares...

GE Healthcares' LightSpeed VCT works 10-15 times faster than other devices. It enables full body scans in only 15 seconds while offering high image quality and reducing radiation levels up to 80%.
Prof. Dr. Mutschler, Director of LMU's department of Surgery, knows the relevance of preferably fast diagnoses. In his department traumatized patients already receive CT diagnostics much quicker than the national average. “Usage of CT is essential for a supraregional Trauma center. We already reduced mortality of critically wounded patients due to optimized management from 27,6% to 19,1%. I estimate that usage of the new CT-technology will reduce the mortality even further.” His Senior Consultant  Dr. Krötz completes “Now many time-wasting X-ray diagnostics could be avoided to the patients benefit.”
In only 5 seconds LightSpeed VCT scans the heart and coronar-arteries, enables to visualize organs in motion. Dr. Linsenmaier, PD at the department of radiology, approves the new technique: “It’s possible to execute a Triple RuleOut - to detect aortic dissection, lung embolism and acute coronary syndroms with a single scan. That’s an enormous benefit for the examination of critical ill patients.”
GE Healthcare established over 30 LightSpeed VCT systems throughout Europe. “Since the invention of multislice-CT in 1998, we continually invested in research and development to reduce radiaton levels of our devices.” Bernd von Polheim, President of GE Healthcare Germany is “proud to say, that the efforts were absolutely worthwile.”

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