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COVID-19 app HeraeusCare

Heraeus Medical enables healthcare authorities to remotely monitor and prioritize potential COVID-19 patients

Heraeus Medical, makers of the market-leading PALACOS bone cement, has enhanced its online HeraeusCare orthopedic care coordination solution to a new digital health platform that connects healthcare authorities and providers with patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The coronavirus crisis is putting enormous strain on healthcare organizations, with worried patients filling emergency rooms and doctor’s offices,” said Andrew Williamson, President of Heraeus Medical. “In this unprecedented global pandemic, it is critical to minimize exposure and prioritize patients so that the ones that need medical attention the most get it. We realized HeraeusCare could provide a platform to help ease the strain and better manage patients.”

Launched in January, 2019, the HeraeusCare web-based digital solution was initially designed for use by orthopedic surgeons and patients to ensure successful joint replacement outcomes by centralizing and automating hospital-patient interactions. With the coronavirus pandemic overwhelming hospitals and healthcare providers, Heraeus Medical conducted discussions with numerous healthcare leaders and organizations. The positive feedback indicated its cloud-based digital platform could be modified and used to optimize communication with patients, prioritize care and help healthcare authorities cope with the high number of infections that are overwhelming their limited resources.

Remote online patient monitoring for increasing number of COVID-19 cases

Source: Heraeus Medical

The digital health platform offers a COVID-19 module that enables healthcare organizations to collect and remotely monitor patients’ symptoms and disease progressions through a secure, cloud-based platform. High-risk patients needing urgent medical care can be identified and prioritized easily.

The platform improves patient management and patient through-put, while significantly reducing time-consuming phone calls and in-person visits to doctors’ offices and emergency rooms.To ensure patient data protection, the digital system is compliant with both European Union GDPR regulations and US HIPPA laws.

The HeraeusCare COVID-19 remote care solution can be easily implemented by healthcare authorities and organizations:

Source: Heraeus Medical
  • After setting up their HeraeusCare online platform, they issue unique activation codes to patients who could be potentially infected.
  • These individuals register themselves on the HeraeusCare app (available for both Apple and Android devices). Every day, the app prompts them to enter their symptoms, allowing the healthcare provider to monitor the patient’s self-reported condition.
  • A symptom checker, based on self-assessed questionnaires, helps the care provider to remotely monitor daily fever, coughing, soreness of throat, breathing difficulties and other relevant factors.
  • Healthcare authorities and providers can review the patient’s information to conduct user assessment based on gender, age and medical history.
  • The healthcare authority/organization remotely monitors the symptoms of registered individuals. They can create alerts when specific symptom thresholds are exceeded, and those patients can be called to the hospital for further care.

The HeraeusCare platform does not provide diagnostic services or decisions on care based on symptoms self-reported by patients. The system is designed to optimize patients flow into clinics and hospitals and summarize relevant medical information for potential future medical consultation.

The HeraeusCare COVID-19 solution is designed for use across the European Union and the United States. It is available for both Apple and Google/Android device platforms. For healthcare organizations wanting to learn more, please visit:

Source: Heraeus Medical


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