Connecting multiple discrete RIS/PACS Solutions

GE Healthcare IT, unveiled Centricity OneView, a web-based clinical information and workflow management system designed to connect multiple discrete RIS and PACS solutions.

Photo: Connecting multiple discrete RIS/PACS Solutions

Centricity OneView is a Web-based solution and a single point of access for radiologists and technologists. It connects organizations to images, reports and status information regardless of the system from which they originated. Patient imaging records are comprehensive and consolidated, and accessible. As a result, customers can leverage their existing technology while improving cross enterprise workflow and improve access to important patient data.

“Centricity OneView supports the continuum of transforming information into insight, providing a holistic view of diagnostic clinical information,” said Don Woodlock, VP and Global GM, GE Healthcare Imaging Solutions. “Internal departments and external partners often use a variety of RIS or PACS, which often lacks consolidated imaging record data. Centricity OneView connects records across multiple systems and provides a single view of the patient’s imaging data.

By delivering a solution that bridges the gap between disparate systems, the Centricity OneView provides a global view of a patient’s clinical data, digital images and diagnostic reports, regardless of the facility within the network at which the exam is performed. 


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