Article • Medical imaging

Computed tomography (CT)

Since its introduction in the 1970s, computed tomography has been a mainstay of radiology. Its overlay-free representation of body structures and the rapid image availability make CT indispensable in the diagnostic assessment of numerous diseases, especially in emergency medicine. Modern CT systems not only offer innovative procedures for better image quality, but also reduce radiation exposure.


News • Research, diagnostics, therapies

Focus on stroke

Strokes are among the most common cause of death worldwide and one of the most common causes of disability. Mortality rates are decreasing due to improving care. Nevertheless, experts expect the absolute number of cases to rise in view of the ageing population. Read more about current research and treatment options here.


Article • Infection prevention

Hygiene: far more than just hand washing

Hand washing and disinfection are among the most important measures to prevent infections with viruses or bacteria. However, an important aspect of hygiene in the clinical environment is also the sterile reprocessing of instruments. Read more about effective hygiene measures and new findings – especially in the context of the Covid 19 pandemic.

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