Wireless flat-panel detector for mobile X-ray imaging

Shimadzu, world-wide manufacturer of diagnostic imaging equipment, has introduced the first wireless flat-panel detector (FPD) for its mobile, fully digital X-ray system MobileDaRt Evolution. This new CXDI-70C detector generation is the next evolutionary step for mobile X-ray applications.

Via the touchscreen of the MobileDaRt Evolution images can be edited after only...
Via the touchscreen of the MobileDaRt Evolution images can be edited after only three seconds.
The new and cable-free detector generation CXDI-70C adds freedom and...
The new and cable-free detector generation CXDI-70C adds freedom and independency when taking X-ray images on site.

It enables X-ray personnel to act even more independently when taking X-ray images on site – for instance in radiology, on the ward, in emergency rooms, traumatology, orthopaedics, or paediatrics. In addition, it simplifies sterilizing the detector due to the lack of any attached cables.

Excellent image quality

The FPD weighs only 3.4 kg and can be easily positioned. Its field of view of 35 x 43 cm (14 x 17 inches) also covers larger examination areas. The caesium iodide (CsI) scintillator combines high sensitivity with the lowest-possible radiation dose and thus reduces patient expo-sure. The resolution of 2,800 x 3,408 pixels provides sharp images in excellent quality.

Flexible use in radiography

The wireless flat-panel detector is suitable for general radiography. Hospitals already using a MobileDaRt Evolution can have it refit to wireless detectors. Apart from its application with the MobileDaRt Evolution system for mobile X-rays, CXDI-70C can also be connected to a RADspeed DR. The RADspeed series from Shimadzu includes floor- and ceiling-mounted systems for general radiography applica-tions.

Perfect solution for clinical requirements

MobileDaRt Evolution perfectly combines clinical requirements of easy manoeuverability, outstanding image quality and low radiation dose. The high-performance 32kW generator facilitates X-ray images with exceedingly short exposure times, thus also making it suitable for use on intensive care units or in traumatology. X-ray images are available within three seconds after exposure on the integrated 15” monitor.

The MobileDaRt Evolution system can be precisely moved forward and backward by using the bedside ”Inch Mover“ drive controls on the collimator. This increases operator comfort and accelerates opera-tions in difficult imaging situations.

DICOM-supported workflow

MobileDaRt Evolution is fully DICOM-compatible (DICOM Print, DICOM Store and DICOM Modality Worklist) and can be integrated into the workflow of digitally equipped hospitals – even via WLAN. Thus it makes a considerable contribution to work and cost efficiency.


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