The Meiko Experience Zone (Screenshot)
The Meiko Experience Zone (Screenshot)

Image source: Meiko

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Visit the Meiko Experience Zone and discover the new bedpan washer online

Meiko has a new online platform, the Meiko Experience Zone, and it is more than just a virtual showroom! Users can browse planning examples and a library of expertise, they can pick up knowledge delivered as explainer videos and livestream recordings made at events and trade shows – like the Medica 2021 in Düsseldorf.

By experts for experts: our conferences and events

You couldn’t be at the Medica 2021? Then join us on a virtual tour on our stand and get a demonstration of the new bedpan washer-disinfector Meiko TopLine and its most innovative features – like the app Meiko Connect which allows users to manage and export to PDF all machine and hygiene data from the Meiko TopLine.

>> Watch here and discover the new pearl in our care collection! 

You can also keep on exploring our clean solutions and visit three virtual spaces: a large and a small dishwashing area, as well as a utility room in a hospital. All three spaces provide the opportunity to experience how individual machines work. 

The dirty utility room within the Meiko Experience Zone (Screenshot)
The dirty utility room within the Meiko Experience Zone (Screenshot)

Image source: Meiko

Within the space dirty utility room

Users can experience the new Meiko TopLine and its features also by visiting the dirty utility room within the Meiko Experience Zone. 

The most added value of this new bedpan washer-disinfector comes in the form of load detection. The assistant system suggests the correct cleaning programme for the care utensils loaded and starts it automatically after a few seconds. This option is available for selected holders and care utensils. To remove all points of contact with the machine, combine load detection with automatic door opening and closing using either a hand sensor or foot switch. 


Image source: Meiko

The new glass display provides an overview of what is going on at any moment in the process using a status display and progress bar. The blue operating concept is intuitive: any elements illuminated in blue on the screen or appliance are ‘ready for operation’ – so they can be used or selected. Green lighting means ‘in operation’ and if anything shows red, the machine has an ‘important message.’ And last but not least: the adjustable A0 value can be increased up to 12,000 to fulfil current and future hygiene requirements.

Alongside the new Meiko TopLine, users can also discover further components of a dirty utility room within this space – as well as planning guidelines. A dirty utility room must be carefully designed, right down to the details, in order to play its important role in preventing infections and to integrate efficiently into the care staff's workflows. With over 90 years of experience in medical devices, the employees of Meiko know the critical points in the utility room and how the processes should ideally work – so they can lay the groundwork for improved hygiene and protection at work in the planning and design phase. See for yourself!

Source: Meiko


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