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High-speed AI enhanced MR imaging arrives at Klaipėda

In Lithuania, United Imaging Healthcare has installed its innovative uMR 670 MRI system at the Antėja Clinic in Klaipėda.

Klaipėda is a port city in Lithuania situated on the northern coast of the Baltic Sea. The city has a rich history and is one of the most important commercial and cultural centres in Lithuania. It has a distinctive architecture whose German and Scandinavian influences give it a unique charm. It is a dynamic city where tradition meets modernity, making it a fascinating place to visit and explore.

Antėja is one of several medical and diagnostic centres in Lithuania. It performs a variety of blood tests and offers consultations by experienced general practitioners and medical specialists. At Antėja, a professional team of doctors is always ready to help. The clinic is staffed by general practitioners and a midwife, as well as specialists, including a geneticist. The idea behind a modern medical centre is to assign the same general practitioner to all members of a family, because knowing the family’s medical history is one of the best ways to effectively treat and prevent diseases.

We are flexible and open to new opportunities, which allows us to win new customers and expand our business in the medical equipment market

The innovative diagnostic equipment installed in the clinic is the uMR 670, a state-of-the-art 1.5 T wide gantry scanner that provides efficient, reliable and comfortable MRI examinations. It has an ergonomic table that ensures that the patient is comfortable during the scan and an intercom that allows the patient to communicate with the medical staff during the examination. The groundbreaking uAIFI DeepRecon technology, which uses image reconstruction methods based on deep learning, achieves image quality similar to a 3.0 T system. In addition, the revolutionary uAIFI EasySense non-contact respiratory motion monitoring system improves patient comfort during abdominal scans. With its advanced software and high-speed image acquisition systems, the uMR 670 enables fast and accurate scanning. The system can be used in a wide range of clinical applications, including brain, spine, joint and soft tissue scans. 

On the occasion of the new MRI system's installation, United Imaging praised the smooth cooperation with Lithuanian distributor MedUS Medical, which greatly contributes to the company's effective development of business and achieving of common business goals. "We are flexible and open to new opportunities, which allows us to win new customers and expand our business in the medical equipment market. We would like to thank MedUS Medical for their trust and cooperation and wish them more successful projects," the manufacturer concluded. 

Source: United Imaging


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