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High-end imaging equipment for NovaLife Polyclinic

On 9 December 2023, NovaLife Polyclinic, with over 15 years of experience in the private healthcare sector in Timișoara, proudly inaugurated its state-of-the-art branch in the vibrant capital city of Bucharest.

Committed to meeting the evolving healthcare needs of Romanian patients, NovaLife Polyclinic will function as a comprehensive private medical centre, bringing together experienced medical professionals with extensive expertise in both academic and clinical medicine. From allergology and haematology consultations to advanced procedures such as reconstructive surgery or neurosurgery, NovaLife Polyclinic is committed to providing a wide range of healthcare services tailored to individual needs. 

Thanks to the cooperation between United Imaging and S&T MedTech – Kontron A.G. Group, a leading supplier of high-end equipment and medical devices in Romania, the NovaLife Polyclinic has been equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology from United Imaging – the uMR 570, uMR 580, uDR 592h and uMammo 890i systems. Such a successful collaboration is bound to improve patient access to advanced imaging modalities, leading to a fast and accurate diagnostic process and facilitating optimal treatment outcomes.

The uMR 570 magnetic resonance imaging system installed at NovaLife Polyclinic
The uMR 570 magnetic resonance imaging system installed at NovaLife Polyclinic

Image source: United Imaging 

Through a unique combination of advanced hardware and innovative software solutions, the uMR 570, a state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system, delivers fast, high-resolution imaging and outstanding performance for a wide range of clinical applications. Utilising the exclusive uCS2.0 (united Compressed Sensing) platform, the uMR 570 combines the power of conventional acceleration technologies with innovative compressed sensing to deliver shorter scan times and higher image resolution of MRI with a maximum acceleration factor of 16x and sub-millimetre isotropic spatial resolution. In addition, the intelligent reconstruction algorithm supports the exceptional processing power of the uCS2.0 Processing Engine, enabling ultra-fast reconstruction. Finally, the uMR 570’s 70 cm wide bore ensures a comfortable and patient-friendly diagnostic process. 

The uMR 580 is an intelligent 1.5T MRI system with advanced features to ensure excellent image quality. Thanks to proprietary shimming and intelligent eddy current compensation technologies, the unit has excellent magnetic field uniformity and a powerful gradient. 

In addition to delivering exceptional imaging, the uMR 580 has been carefully designed to ensure a more stable and reliable system operation, while prioritising time savings and a streamlined workflow. More energy-efficient device management offers the potential for significant reductions in power consumption, while acceleration technology significantly improves scanning efficiency, enabling high-speed imaging of all anatomical areas, and considerably reducing scan times.

The uDR 592h digital radiography system installed at NovaLife Polyclinic
The uDR 592h digital radiography system installed at NovaLife Polyclinic

Image source: United Imaging

The uDR 592h is a high-resolution floor-mounted digital radiography system that delivers accurate and consistent high quality images for large patient volumes. Features such as automatic tube-detector tracking, which synchronises the movement between the X-ray tube and the flat-panel detector in the tabletop, reduce patient positioning time, while an omni-directional tube module facilitates flexible manual control, allowing for a variety of patient positions. Designed as an all-in-one intelligent workstation, the uDR 592h utilises the simplified and highly customisable uExceed operating system, which supports high-resolution multi-patient examinations with an intelligent pop-up display and comprehensive post-processing functions.

The uMammo 890i mammography system installed at NovaLife Polyclinic

Image source: United Imaging

With several innovative solutions underpinning its design, the uMammo 890i represents a breakthrough in low-dose, high-resolution breast imaging. Built-in 3D imaging displays structures at different depths, improving lesion and external profile detectability to reduce the effects of overlapping tissue, while the 49.5 μm detector greatly facilitates the identification of microcalcifications. 

U-View synthetic 2D technology is a revolutionary feature that uses a reconstruction algorithm to automatically generate a single high-resolution synthetic 2D breast image from multiple tomography images, significantly reducing radiation dose and compression time due to additional exposure. In addition, the intelligent AEC image acquisition algorithm automatically selects exposure parameters based on breast thickness and gland type, with automatic filter combinations that reduce radiation exposure without compromising image quality. 

The synergistic effect of these cutting-edge features enables the uMammo 890i to significantly increase the early detection rate of breast cancer while reducing the radiation dose by up to 41%. 

United Imaging’s medical technology – the uMR 570, uMR 580, uDR 592h and uMammo 890i systems – reflects the company’s meticulous and innovative approach to developing advanced imaging systems that provide patients around the world with access to accurate and safe diagnostic imaging. 

United Imaging is confident that with the exceptional medical staff at NovaLife Polyclinic, supported by state-of-the-art medical imaging systems, the facility will be able to provide the highest quality medical services to Romanian patients.  

Source: United Imaging


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